Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011!

2011 was good to us, we are happy to see it go, but some wonderful things happened in our lives!
I wanted to document some of these things, the good and the bad, so we can look back and remember them:]


The month after our engagement, we kicked off wedding planning! This was almost the biggest job I have ever done but it was so worth it!


Our first Valentine's day together:]  Josh bought me flowers:] 
My sister Katelyn told us that she was expecting her second sweet baby!

My sister convinced me to start up this blog to document my creations!  This was a wonderful decision and I am so glad she is so persuasive!  I have found the greatest friends through this blog and I am so thankful for that!

My Easy, Cheap, Wonderful craft that, by the looks of it, was a huge hit!


Our wedding!  This was by far the most wonderful day of my life!  I am so thankful that Josh and I were married in the temple so we could be together forever.  
Our honeymoon to the Oregon coast, this was the perfect getaway and we had a blast together!  I am so glad we went!

Real life begins:]  Our little apartment was a wonderful place to live!

This month was so bittersweet, my sister Katelyn, her husband Doug, and their handsome little boy Krew moved away to Buffalo, NY.  It was so hard to say goodbye to them but we can't wait until Doug is a Dentist!
The sweet part of this month was that we moved into our new home, and I started working full time at my wonderful job.  It is such a blessing to us and I am so thankful that we can be here, hopefully for a while!

This month was a month of growing.  We lost my uncle early this month and it was so good to have a loving husband right there to lean on in this hard time.  This taught me that we never know what some people are going through, to treat everyone kindly and with compassion because we don't know the load they carry.
My birthday was this month, my first that I was able to celebrate with Josh!
Josh also got a new job at a body shop.  He loves it there and I love that he loves it there!


Josh's birthday was this month, his first with a wife;]
This month, we also found out that my sweet sister Ashley was expecting her first baby!  We are so excited for her!  She will be a wonderful mom!
My sister Katelyn also gave birth to her second, a beautiful boy, Brody, that we love and miss so much!


Our first Halloween together (married)!
Our Entertainment Center Makeover that showed up on pinterest!  My first project to be pinned!


Thanksgiving together:]
We put up our first Christmas tree:]


Our first Christmas together!  My husband spoiled me and we had a wonderful day with family.

This year was a wonderful year, of hard work.  I am so thankful for 2011 and everything that it taught me!  I cannot wait for another year to learn many, many more things!
So long, 2011!

Sunday, December 18, 2011


One year ago today, we made history.
I am writing this mostly for us, so bear with me!

To start the night off, we went to a friend's reception, Josh caught the garter;] Then off to the mall to listen to our brother-in-law Kent play the saxophone. While there, Josh got a call from a friend who was stuck up in the hills east of town and needed help getting his truck unstuck from the snow.  We rushed back to Josh's and got blankets, water, a shovel etc...everything you would ever possibly need to get someone unstuck.

We drove for about 30 minutes following some tracks in the snow, until the tracks disappeared.  I asked where they went and Josh so smoothly said: "oh, he came in from another way."  I am gullible and he knows those hills so I believed him.

Five minutes later, he pulled over and went searching around in the back of the jeep.  I asked what he was looking for and he said: "oh just my CB radio so we can maybe talk to them."  When he couldn't find it, I remember thinking: "man, he always has that thing..."

So we kept driving for five more minutes, and up onto a smaller hill overlooking the road that wound down the valley.  Josh stopped the jeep and said: "hey, could you get out and look for boulders?"  I jumped out but still thought this was weird because he has great big tires that could go over any boulder in Idaho.  After scouting around I started getting back in to warm up, but Josh jumped out.

I followed him to the very top of the hill and looked down at the road for any sign of Josh's friend, nothing.  I started hinting that we should get back in the jeep, when Josh said: "wait, I need to ask you something."  It was then that I began to panic thinking I hadn't rehearsed what I was going to say to him.  I thought: "No!  It's happening and I haven't thought about this yet!"  He knelt down on one knee in the snow and asked me to marry him.  Out of his pocket, he pulled out my ring that HE had picked out all by himself.  I couldn't believe my eyes!  I remember yelling: "How did you do it?!"  Josh smiled and said: "well, what is your answer?"  I wrapped my arms around his neck and said "yes!  YES!"  I think that answer will do just fine:]

After that, we went over and in the light of the jeep, Josh put my BEAUTIFUL ring on my finger.  He then told me that he had invited our families to the Cocoa Bean, a cupcake place in Idaho Falls, and they were all there waiting for us!  We finished the night with cupcakes and then sitting on his parent's couch, looking at my ring in the light of the Christmas Tree.  What a day!

I am so glad that Josh asked me that very important question.  He cracks me up every day and I am so thankful that he is my wonderful husband.  I don't know where I would be without him!
Today is special, and that is why:]

I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sweet. Freedom.

Tonight, I turned in my english paper.
Know what that means? 


I am so relieved!  This semester was tough.  We have worked hard, and we have been blessed so much.
Now, it is time to kick back, keep crafting, and spending time with my family.

This break between semesters is much needed and much appreciated.
Now, forgive me for the boring post, but now I am gonna go spend some time with Josh.

Hopefully I get something awesome done tomorrow!  Have a great one!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

How to Photograph a Christmas Tree

 I cannot claim any of the credit for this awesome tutorial, I found it all HERE at the lovely Karly's blog, Plums and Mustard. I saw her tutorial to take awesome pictures of your Christmas Tree and had to try it.

Here is how it turned out for me:



So much better right?
Check out her blog for more of her photography and be sure to take a peek at her tree!

 By the way, if anyone would be interested in trading blog sponsorships in the upcoming months, email me at: and let me know!  I think it would be a great way to spread the love here in blogland.

Hope you all have an awesome Wednesday:]

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Saint Nick:]

Around here, I want to stress the true meaning of Christmas.
But sometimes, it's nice to have the whimsical, magical, side of Christmas.

That is why I painted this:

He's so jolly isn't he?!

It was so simple!  I first got the idea from HERE, and have been putting it off, thinking it would be difficult...but after my toughest final yesterday, I decided to knock it out.  Painting is therapeutic and lately, that is exactly what I need:]

First, I found some old matting board that has been untouched for WAY too long and got to drawing...

Then, I simply painted in all the shapes that needed to be red.

 He looks so happy up there! 
I felt like the gold trees didn't "fit" up here, so I relocated those guys and set Santa up on the shelf.
Our final holiday shelf decor:

He looks great up there:]
And here is the best part, for $12, you could have a customized version of him!
If you are interested, email me at:
Now that finals are winding down, I am craving crafts!

I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Excuse my Absence...

But we have had some exciting news we have been dying to share!

My sister Katelyn and our nephews Krew and Brody flew home from New York last Friday for Christmas!  My brother-in-law Doug will join us this weekend!  We are so excited that we got to meet our new nephew Brody and that they could be home at this special time of year!  I haven't said anything before now because they wanted to surprise Doug's family, and they did!  So now, I can gush about the nephews:]

My parents drove to Salt Lake to pick them up from the airport and while they were gone, Josh and I hung out with the boys and made a "welcome home" sign.

 I think at first, Krew was a little confused about all the familiar things from grandma and grandpa's house, but as soon as he found the toy closet again, he was right at home!

(ok, the hand in the picture above is a Halloween decoration, we are not cannibals...)
So, needless to say, it has been a very exciting weekend, and this is why I have been a terrible blogger.

Stop by tomorrow for a new Christmas Decoration!
(One final down, two to go:])

Friday, December 9, 2011

Stocking Hangers

I am so excited for these stocking hangers!
They are so simple, but so fun and easy!
First, grab some little picture frames.  Mine started as silver but I painted them white to match.

Inside the frames, I just printed off an "M" and a "J."  When the kiddos come, we will put each family member's picture in the frames.  But, Josh and I aren't very fun to look at so we will just stick with the letters for now:]

I found some plain hangers at Fred Meyer and just placed the frames on top of the hangers.  This way, they will be easy to store, and less likely to break.

I can't wait 'til we can start adding on hangers and pictures!
See? So easy.

I hope you all have a great Friday, I know we will in this house!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Our Stockings

Our first Christmas together (married) is making me more excited than normal for the holiday!
This is the year that we get to start our family traditions and decorate our own home.
This means I get to make our stockings too! 

Here is how I did it:
First, I made a pattern and cut it out.

Be sure to label what part of the stocking each piece of the pattern is, and how many of each piece needs cut out.

For the stocking liner, I used red felt that I had laying around, a think cotton would also do just fine.

To make it easy to add on stockings when the little ones come, I made Josh's stocking green and mine red, pretty much no rhyme or reason, the girls' stockings will be red and the boys' green.

So I cut out the outsides of the stockings too...

I wanted the cuffs to be white, but I walked by some fat quarters with a white design on a white background with a sheen, I thought they would be perfect to give some uniform but still add some interest.

After all the pieces were all cut out, I laid out all the pieces how they needed to be sewn together.

Then, sew the undercuffs onto the outsides of the stockings with the right sides together.  Put the tops of the stockings together and sew them also with the right sides together.

After this step, each stocking should just be in two pieces.  Put the right sides of the stockings together and sew along all edges but leave about five inches open.  Use this opening to put the stocking right side out and then stitch the opening up.

Hang those puppies up and they are done!
The tutorial for the stocking hangers will be posted tomorrow so check back then!
It is super simple, but the "how to" will be up tomorrow.

Hope you all have a great Thursday!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sweater Mittens!

So, I go to DI and I try to find things that I can make work, things I can fix so they are fabulous.
A while ago I found this sweater vest and I was sure I could slim up the midsection and make it awesome, but as soon as I took in the sides, I could tell it was a goner.
Then it hung out in my closet for a few weeks, until I got this great idea:

First, I traced my hand and left about half an inch extra on all sides, then cut that pattern out.
Trace this on your sweater and cut those puppies out:

Then put the right sides together, and stitch along all the sides, except across the wrist!

Then flip them right side out and put them on!

Now I know what I can do with some of the other sweaters in my closet!  This is definitely a win-win craft, cleaner close, warmer fingers!
If you guys have any questions, put them in the comments!
Hope you all have a super day!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Picture A Stable...

I have had some little canvases floating around for forever, and on Black Friday, we went to Porter's and I found this awesome vinyl nativity for four dollars!
I don't have a nativity so I snatched it up :]

The vinyl was originally one piece, but I had three canvases, so I cut it apart, and also cut the star apart so it would fit.

  Then, I just slapped those silhouettes on the canvases, and peeled off the protective covering.

The shepherd with his sheep:]

The wise men with their camel:]

And the best part, baby Jesus with Joseph and Mary:]

Now we have a visual reminder of what Christmas is all about:]
This was so simple and easy, a caveman could do it!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
Posts this week might be a little sparse, IT'S REVIEW WEEK!!!!


Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Garland

This fall, we had some garland hanging from a shelf in our living room, but now it is December and we needed an update!
I wanted something simple, and something cheap.  I accomplished both of those things with this new Christmas garland, and here is how I did it:
First, cut out the squares with letters, and patterned paper.  My letter squares were 3 1/2 inches, and the other two squares were 4 inches and 4 1/2 inches.

I'm in love with this gray/silver paper!  I love how the pattern is kind of snow-flakey:]
This would also be a great way to add some color to a room or mix it up with some different patterns, mine as you can see, do not match, but they add some great personality to the room!

The next step is optional, but I broke out the distressing ink and roughed up the edges.  I wanted this to have and anthro/PB look to it.

Then, glue the letter squares onto the medium squares, and the medium squares onto the large squares.  Run a line of glue across the back of the largest square and press the hemp into the glue.

Then hang it up!

This garland was cheap and simple, just how I like it;]  Hopefully it was pretty self-explanatory, but if you have any questions, put them in the comments!  Have a happy weekend!