Thursday, March 31, 2011

Better than Vinyl

For a while now, my sweet mother has been asking me to paint my sister's name on her bedroom wall.
Not too shabby right? Abi was so excited and now the great big empty wall in her room is no longer empty!

The reason I say this is better than vinyl is because:
a) When you apply vinyl, there can be bubbles that just won't escape.
b) With paint, you can you ANY COLOR YOU WANT (and who doesn't like options?).  Not only the colors, but the FONTS, WORDING, or DESIGNS are endless!
c) Paint will last a lot longer than vinyl.
Last but not least,
d) I'm the one who applies it all so you won't have to worry about it being crooked or spaced best friend is a level;]

So, how about it?  Are you brave enough to switch over?

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