Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wedding Topiary and Lanterns

Because I love to craft, I am always looking for a new project to start.  I was at Porter's with my sister and saw these wonderful, green, foam, mysterious kiwi-like whachamacallits! 
PERFECT for a topiary at my wedding reception!

So for the "stem" of the topiary, I went to Lowe's and found a wooden dowel that was 3/4" thick.  Also perfect.

I took the beauties home, we cut them to the correct length (so it would go from half way through the top "kiwi" all the way to the base of the planter) and then I married them with a little brown Krylon.

Then back to the kiwis:
My dad and Josh helped drill holes through them (and they loved doing it by the way! ;] ) and after the stems were dry, we GENTLY pushed the dowel through (not too fast or the foam in the middle will split...).

Now for my dad's genius idea:
Last summer they built a beautiful waterfall in our backyard (if the weather is nice, come to the reception and see it! ) and to make all the cracks water tight, they had to use this crazy tough foam to seal everything up.  We happened to have some left over so we simply stood the stems up so they were nice and straight, put some gravel in the bottom of the pots to add some weight and foamed them into the pots.  Genius right?

After the foam was dry (which didn't take too long,) we found florists' pete moss sheets and cut circles out that were the same size as the top of the pots to cover up the yellow foam with a 3/4" hole in the middle and a slit going from the small hole to the outer edge so we could slide the pete moss on and hot glue it in place.

Add a bow! Tough right? :]
(I made 15 of these.)

Then for this guy:]
We found the lanterns at porter's (they are on sale last time I checked) and yellow roses to match my boquet.  I trimmed the stems off and arranged 4 roses in each latern.  We were going to put candles inside, but the reception is early in the evening and it should be pretty light outside so the roses were perfect!
(I made 8 of these.)

How cute:]  I can't wait to decorate with them! 
Let me know what you think!
The good and the bad :]


Epic Painting Project!

Thank you for the request to repost this!

So, remember when I said that I love to paint?
Here is another example of what I LOVE to do!

Over Christmas break of 2008-2009, my parents came to me and asked me to paint my brother's room.  "No biggie," I thought, a couple of trucks here and problem.  THEN- They told me how they really wanted it painted...AH!  (Keep in mind this is before I had taken ANY art classes...)  They told me they wanted the walls filled with pictures from one of my brother's favorite picture books.  They wanted me to wing it and before I knew it, we were at Lowes and they were telling me to pick out the colors I would need.

So after I had all the colors, I decided which pictures would go on which walls and I began drawing everything out. 

After I drew everything in pencil, I started filling in the base colors... this took forever! But it turned out the way I planned so it was worth the hours and hours of being haunched over with a bucket of paint in one hand and a brush in the other!

Once all the base colors were filled in, I painted the details (so the darker lines showing the textures of dirt and trees and the equipment).
This was the funnest part for me because it's when the whole painting starts to come together and you can really see what you have created!

So, enough of my yackin', HERE IT IS:

The complete room!

The wall with the beds...those are the boys off to the left :]

I love how the mountains wrap around the room in this picture! 

Mitch and wonderful brothers!

The final touch:]

This was a HUGE project for me!  I loved it and I am so happy how this room turned out!  My brothers love it and more importantly, I didn't mess up and my parents didn't kill me!

Let me know what you think!


Monday, April 25, 2011

Bridesmaid's Corsages!

So, Josh and I have been engaged for four and a half months now and I have had a lot of time on my hands...and for a good reason too!
For my two older sisters, we had the usual flower corsages.  They were all beautiful and I wished I could wear them more than just once.  So I got an idea to make my bridesmaid's corsages so they were still flowers, but that they could wear more than once! 

(oh! and this is my first full blog post-HOW EXCITING! Enjoy!)

To start these beauties, I cut out of satin exactly 338 of these:
(Thanks Melissa for your help!)
You don't even want to know how long this took me...

Then, after #338, you take each circle and fold it in half like this:

Then, fold a third of it over and add a dot of hot glue:

To seal it all up, pinch the petal where the glue was so the petal won't open back up.

My wonderful Mother-In-Law (to be) helped with gluing all the petals and she definately saved my skin!  THANK YOU!!

So, for each flower, you need a base (just a plain circle without being folded into a triangle) and 12 triangle petals.

Take the circle base and add some more hot glue:

On the first layer, glue on six petals, second layer is five layers and then the last petal goes right on top after you trim the tip off of the triangle (this is so your flower isn't six inches tall...). 

TIP: Be sure to add enough glue between each layer! This way, when you wear the bracelet/corsage, petals don't stick out and show the hot glue in the embarassing!

After all of the flowers are glued together, measure your wrist and cut felt to that length plus one if your wrist is four and a half inches around, cut the felt to five and a half inches.

The extra inch is to attach velcro to secure the bracelet/corsage.  Below, you can see one end, the matching velcro is on the other side of the felt on the other end.  So, in other words, one piece of velcro is on each side of the felt.

Last, glue the flowers on the same side of the felt as the scratchy velcro is on...that way, when you wear it, the smooth velcro is the side that is touching your skin and it won't itch you.

TIP:  Squish the flowers together as much as possible.  When it curves around your wrist, it will spread the flowers out and if they aren't close enough, the white felt will show through...also embarassing!

There will be a gap on one end by the scratchy velcro so it will do up.  On the other end, the last flower is flush with the end of the felt.


 I never want to cut out another circle in my life!
Too bad I still have to make a white one for me...rats.
Well, that is what I have been doing for the last four and a half months...yikes! 

Let me know if you have any questions (my directions were scattered) and please let me know what you think! 


Monday, April 18, 2011


This may be the EASIEST and CHEAPEST craft you will ever see!

I was at DI the other day walking up and down the isles doing my normal rounds and glanced to my left and saw some really old books.

  They reminded me of some books I saw on Pottery Barn for $39 smackers...$39?!? (and that was for just ONE bundle of books...NOT the whole display!)
Book Bundle
YIKES! I am much to cheap (and poor) for this! 
So I saw the old books and picked out a few that had old yellowed pages for $1 each.

Then, when I got home, I grabbed some jute I had on hand and began pulling the covers of the books off.
I then grouped them together to make them symmetrical and wrapped the jute around tight so the books wouldnt fall out.
NO glue, NO measuring, No stress!

Now, you can't really see it, but the book below is a William Shakespeare book (this was the only one more than a was $1.50)...all of his classics in one...and I tore the cover off!  AH!! So so so sorry Bill...
So, who needs Pottery Barn for $39 bucks?  Not this Poor college student!

Let me know what you think!


Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring Wreath

For our new apartment, I wanted to make a new spring wreath...(fitting right? :] )
So, I went and got a wooden "stick" wreath skeleton and began my search for something springy to put on it...and found these berries!
Now, i'm not one for fake flowers for least on these were perfect for me! But cherry blossoms or another flower would be beautiful!  These were just the first things I saw.

I began by trimming the stems down so there was only 3-4 inches extra and I also clipped the leaves off.  I wanted this to be strictly berries (strictly my opinion!)

Then, I laid out the berries and decided where I wanted to glue them. 
To glue them, I just heated up the trusty dusty glue gun, spiced up the stems with glue, and stuck each berry branch in!
Make sure the stems are touching some branches from the wreath so you don't have branches falling out!
Once it is all dry, this is what you have! WALA!  Perfect for a front door!

Hope you enjoy!


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Christmas in Jul-...April?

Ok look, I know when Christmas really is...December 31st.  This I promise you is an old post.
So, I saw some trees like this in a Pottery Barn magazine last winter and loved them!
I saw some cardboard cones at the craft store and they immediately gave me the idea!
After finding the cones, I searched and searched for something "Christmasy" to wrap around the beauties and ended up choosing some glitter mesh.  Tule would work as well.

In the picture above, you can see the golden sheen under the mesh on the cones, this is mattalic acrylic paint I had on hand. I chose gold because that was the color of the mesh...I also made a red set of trees for my sister and used metallic red paint so they would match better.  Anyway, you get the picture!

I used hot glue to glue the mesh to the top of the cones then wrapped it down gluing a couple places as I went.  when I got to the bottom, I trimmed the mesh and "liberally" glued...never too much glue right? ;]
This is the finished product.  I couldn't possibly be any happier with them!
My mom loved them too- so I made her a set and they are still up!

Ok...maybe it is Christmas in April!

Let me know what you think!

Onesies for Evelyn!

Four weeks ago, our friends brought their first little baby into the world. 
I wanated to do something creative and personalized for her and this is what I came up with:
I cut out all the patterns on paper then hacked away at some felt. 
I accidentally used vinyl wonder under from the fabric store instead of the standard wonder under I shoule have used...oops :[ Anyway, the vinyl wonder under worked just fine!  After ironing the felt together starting with the top layers, (on the owl it was his pupils...that you can barely see in the picture...and his eyelids) I sewed around the shapes to seal it all up.

When the object was complete, I W.U.ed and sewed the shape onto the onesie.

Tips: remember which shape goes where!  I almost messed this one up when I got ahead of myself.
Another tip: WASH FELT AND ONESIES BEFORE CUTTING ANYTHING!  You will be glad you did once you see how much it shrinks...obvious? Maybe, but still important!

The "E" is for Evelyn...adorable right?
...My favorite is the owl...
She will grow into them before we know it!  Too bad that day has to come.

She is beautiful!

Keep on Crafting!


Monday, April 4, 2011

Felt Rose Wreath

Who doesn't love roses?

This is probably one of the most time consuming projects, but it is one of my favorite!

I should have counted how many roses I used! 
Ok, maybe not.  I don't want to relive a nightmare!

But, I must say, it is beautiful!

SO, who doesnt' love roses? :]

Keep on crafting!


Painting and Drawing...What I Love!

One thing you should know about me:
ever since I was little I have wanted to to be an artist.

But, these are some of my paintings/drawings. 
Meet KREW! He is my adorable nephew and I love him to death! 
 He's just a little guy in this picture but it was a wonderful moment and he is (ok was, now he is practically a man) a beautiful boy!
 Haha ok, just a sidenote: that really IS drool dripping off his chin...who doesn't know what teething is like? Cut him some slack:]

I wish i was related to her, but sadly, i'm not.
She is adorable!

Now, she has some attitude, but I just love the colors and I LOVED drawing her!

This was also a really fun painting for me.  I was able to create the background and add in some color. Loved it! 

This will have to go in my apartment somewhere...but where? Purple? Yellow? Kitchen? Closet? But I really did like it! Too bad it has purple in it...rats I hate it when I do that!

These projects were purely fun for me and i'm so excited to start the next one! 

Keep on painting/drawing/crafting!


Friday, April 1, 2011

Paint Chip Mosaics!

Do you have that place in your home that looks slightly bland?
Do you find yourself wishing you could add a little color but you just don't know where to start?
I have a solution: Paint chip mosaics!
Now, i'm not saying that this space was bland before, but once I move out, I can bet that I will have plenty of places that will be now i'm prepared!

This one is mine and it will probably go in my kitchen...or possibly the this one:

I made this one for my parent's spare bathroom using colors that they were already using in their house and this bathroom.
They are so easy to make and then customize!

I can't wait to try tweaking them!

Keep on crafting,


Black and White Wall Art

Sometimes, when I want to do a project, it takes me a while before I know exactly what I want to do or how to do it.  This is one of those projects!

I had a blank space on this wall and wanted to fill it with canvases so after lots and lots of thinking and ideas coming and going, this is what I came up with:
I got the idea for this in a magazine and just had to have one!  The only catch: I didn't want to spend $50 dollars on it!  That's one thing about me...I love to find deals! 
I loved this project and how it turned out!

Keep on crafting,