Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wedding Topiary and Lanterns

Because I love to craft, I am always looking for a new project to start.  I was at Porter's with my sister and saw these wonderful, green, foam, mysterious kiwi-like whachamacallits! 
PERFECT for a topiary at my wedding reception!

So for the "stem" of the topiary, I went to Lowe's and found a wooden dowel that was 3/4" thick.  Also perfect.

I took the beauties home, we cut them to the correct length (so it would go from half way through the top "kiwi" all the way to the base of the planter) and then I married them with a little brown Krylon.

Then back to the kiwis:
My dad and Josh helped drill holes through them (and they loved doing it by the way! ;] ) and after the stems were dry, we GENTLY pushed the dowel through (not too fast or the foam in the middle will split...).

Now for my dad's genius idea:
Last summer they built a beautiful waterfall in our backyard (if the weather is nice, come to the reception and see it! ) and to make all the cracks water tight, they had to use this crazy tough foam to seal everything up.  We happened to have some left over so we simply stood the stems up so they were nice and straight, put some gravel in the bottom of the pots to add some weight and foamed them into the pots.  Genius right?

After the foam was dry (which didn't take too long,) we found florists' pete moss sheets and cut circles out that were the same size as the top of the pots to cover up the yellow foam with a 3/4" hole in the middle and a slit going from the small hole to the outer edge so we could slide the pete moss on and hot glue it in place.

Add a bow! Tough right? :]
(I made 15 of these.)

Then for this guy:]
We found the lanterns at porter's (they are on sale last time I checked) and yellow roses to match my boquet.  I trimmed the stems off and arranged 4 roses in each latern.  We were going to put candles inside, but the reception is early in the evening and it should be pretty light outside so the roses were perfect!
(I made 8 of these.)

How cute:]  I can't wait to decorate with them! 
Let me know what you think!
The good and the bad :]


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Kelli said...

You are so talented, I love it! It makes me want to make one.