Monday, April 25, 2011

Bridesmaid's Corsages!

So, Josh and I have been engaged for four and a half months now and I have had a lot of time on my hands...and for a good reason too!
For my two older sisters, we had the usual flower corsages.  They were all beautiful and I wished I could wear them more than just once.  So I got an idea to make my bridesmaid's corsages so they were still flowers, but that they could wear more than once! 

(oh! and this is my first full blog post-HOW EXCITING! Enjoy!)

To start these beauties, I cut out of satin exactly 338 of these:
(Thanks Melissa for your help!)
You don't even want to know how long this took me...

Then, after #338, you take each circle and fold it in half like this:

Then, fold a third of it over and add a dot of hot glue:

To seal it all up, pinch the petal where the glue was so the petal won't open back up.

My wonderful Mother-In-Law (to be) helped with gluing all the petals and she definately saved my skin!  THANK YOU!!

So, for each flower, you need a base (just a plain circle without being folded into a triangle) and 12 triangle petals.

Take the circle base and add some more hot glue:

On the first layer, glue on six petals, second layer is five layers and then the last petal goes right on top after you trim the tip off of the triangle (this is so your flower isn't six inches tall...). 

TIP: Be sure to add enough glue between each layer! This way, when you wear the bracelet/corsage, petals don't stick out and show the hot glue in the embarassing!

After all of the flowers are glued together, measure your wrist and cut felt to that length plus one if your wrist is four and a half inches around, cut the felt to five and a half inches.

The extra inch is to attach velcro to secure the bracelet/corsage.  Below, you can see one end, the matching velcro is on the other side of the felt on the other end.  So, in other words, one piece of velcro is on each side of the felt.

Last, glue the flowers on the same side of the felt as the scratchy velcro is on...that way, when you wear it, the smooth velcro is the side that is touching your skin and it won't itch you.

TIP:  Squish the flowers together as much as possible.  When it curves around your wrist, it will spread the flowers out and if they aren't close enough, the white felt will show through...also embarassing!

There will be a gap on one end by the scratchy velcro so it will do up.  On the other end, the last flower is flush with the end of the felt.


 I never want to cut out another circle in my life!
Too bad I still have to make a white one for me...rats.
Well, that is what I have been doing for the last four and a half months...yikes! 

Let me know if you have any questions (my directions were scattered) and please let me know what you think! 


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