Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Epic Painting Project!

Thank you for the request to repost this!

So, remember when I said that I love to paint?
Here is another example of what I LOVE to do!

Over Christmas break of 2008-2009, my parents came to me and asked me to paint my brother's room.  "No biggie," I thought, a couple of trucks here and problem.  THEN- They told me how they really wanted it painted...AH!  (Keep in mind this is before I had taken ANY art classes...)  They told me they wanted the walls filled with pictures from one of my brother's favorite picture books.  They wanted me to wing it and before I knew it, we were at Lowes and they were telling me to pick out the colors I would need.

So after I had all the colors, I decided which pictures would go on which walls and I began drawing everything out. 

After I drew everything in pencil, I started filling in the base colors... this took forever! But it turned out the way I planned so it was worth the hours and hours of being haunched over with a bucket of paint in one hand and a brush in the other!

Once all the base colors were filled in, I painted the details (so the darker lines showing the textures of dirt and trees and the equipment).
This was the funnest part for me because it's when the whole painting starts to come together and you can really see what you have created!

So, enough of my yackin', HERE IT IS:

The complete room!

The wall with the beds...those are the boys off to the left :]

I love how the mountains wrap around the room in this picture! 

Mitch and wonderful brothers!

The final touch:]

This was a HUGE project for me!  I loved it and I am so happy how this room turned out!  My brothers love it and more importantly, I didn't mess up and my parents didn't kill me!

Let me know what you think!


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