Monday, April 4, 2011

Painting and Drawing...What I Love!

One thing you should know about me:
ever since I was little I have wanted to to be an artist.

But, these are some of my paintings/drawings. 
Meet KREW! He is my adorable nephew and I love him to death! 
 He's just a little guy in this picture but it was a wonderful moment and he is (ok was, now he is practically a man) a beautiful boy!
 Haha ok, just a sidenote: that really IS drool dripping off his chin...who doesn't know what teething is like? Cut him some slack:]

I wish i was related to her, but sadly, i'm not.
She is adorable!

Now, she has some attitude, but I just love the colors and I LOVED drawing her!

This was also a really fun painting for me.  I was able to create the background and add in some color. Loved it! 

This will have to go in my apartment somewhere...but where? Purple? Yellow? Kitchen? Closet? But I really did like it! Too bad it has purple in it...rats I hate it when I do that!

These projects were purely fun for me and i'm so excited to start the next one! 

Keep on painting/drawing/crafting!


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