Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring Wreath

For our new apartment, I wanted to make a new spring wreath...(fitting right? :] )
So, I went and got a wooden "stick" wreath skeleton and began my search for something springy to put on it...and found these berries!
Now, i'm not one for fake flowers for least on these were perfect for me! But cherry blossoms or another flower would be beautiful!  These were just the first things I saw.

I began by trimming the stems down so there was only 3-4 inches extra and I also clipped the leaves off.  I wanted this to be strictly berries (strictly my opinion!)

Then, I laid out the berries and decided where I wanted to glue them. 
To glue them, I just heated up the trusty dusty glue gun, spiced up the stems with glue, and stuck each berry branch in!
Make sure the stems are touching some branches from the wreath so you don't have branches falling out!
Once it is all dry, this is what you have! WALA!  Perfect for a front door!

Hope you enjoy!


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