Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Striped Quilt!

The wedding is next Saturday (YAY!!!!) and I am in a mad dash (and by mad, I mean I look like a crazy person running around getting stuff done) to finish my projects before then.  So, the next couple days, I will hopefully be posting like crazy to catch up with myself.  Then, when we get back from the most beautiful place on earth (Oregon) I will be able to post wedding and honeymoon pics for you all to see!

So, here is a project I was able to complete in 3 hours...3 hours of madness!

I love love LOVE rag quilts!
Josh is 6'3" and I am 5'10"...we are tall which means blankets will be short to us (one of the many complexities of being a giant)!  So, I decided to make us a quilt and here it is!  My super, simple, easy, quick, striped, rag quilt!

 First, I cut out *2 PIECES EACH* of each stripe/color.
The stripes I cut out were each 6 feet by 14 inches (so with the seams, each stripe would be 1 foot wide and the blanket all together would be 7 feet wide total).

Then, after putting the batting between the 2 pieces of fabric (like below), pin down the center of the stripes through all three layers.  Make sure the right sides of the fabric are facing out.

Notice how I cut the batting so it was 2 inches shorter and skinnier than the stripes the batting goes in (1 inch for each side) 
Next, sew down the center of each stripe right where the pins were.

All my fabric all laid out after they were sewn down the middle...

Then, take two stripes from one side of your quilt and line them up all nice and straight. 

Pin down one of the sides about 1 inch in from the edge of the fabric (like this ^).

Then sew right where those pins were!

When you lay the 2 stripes out, they will look like this (^).

To add another stripe, fold the inside stripe that you just sewed on over onto the outside edge stripe.

Take the next stripe (stripe #3) and lay it right on top of stripe #2.  Make sure the edges are lined up nicely (show above) and pin down one inch from the edge again and sew were those pins were.

Stripes #1, #2, #3...all sewn together!

This is what the seams should look like, all the raw edges pointing up.
Keep repeating these steps until all stripes are sewn together!

Stripes #1, #2, #3, and #4...

The whole quilt!  All 7 stripes!

Now that all of the fabric is sewn together, run a stitch along the outside of the quilt to close off all the edges.  Again, leave a 1 inch seam all the way around.  Above is a example of how to sew the seams of the stripes together.  Just open up the fabric and sew right over it!

When you get to a corner, just wind the pin of the sewing machine so it is still in the fabric and simply round the corner!  Super simple right?  And, if you're not a giant, it will be even faster for you because you won't need all the giant worthy fabric! :)

So now, the clipping begins...above is how I tackled the seams...I made each of the snips about 1/3 of an inch apart from each other.  If you want it to fray more, snip them closer (although not much...I like mine pretty frayed...) and if you want yours to fray less, snip them farther apart.

Now, snip snip snip...all the seams...this took me about 40 minutes of parked on the couch listening to Regis and Kelley...

TIP: To protect the seams, stay about 1/4 of an inch away from the stitches you are cutting perpendicular to.  This way, you won't have a slip up and cut inside the stich and have to go back and mend it.

When you are all done, it will look like this (^)!

Here is is, all laid out! Now, just send it through the wash and VWALA! Your rag quilt is complete!

I will post a picture of  it after I sent it through the wash after the wedding...when we are all settled into the apartment!

Let me know what you think! 
 I want to hear the success stories!


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