Sunday, June 26, 2011

GIVEAWAY #1! (yes, it's finally here!!)


We now have 20 followers and I have just been DYING to give free stuff to a lucky winner(s?)!

Ok so here is the deal:
Anyone who wants to be entered into the giveaway must email me at and let me know:

A. If you won the giveaway, what would you want to win (Yes, YOU get to choose what the prize is!)  It can be pretty much anything crafty and I will do my best to make your vision a reality :]

B. Why you want to win that item. (my curiosity...)

C.  And last but not least, leave me your email address so I can get back to the winner!  WOO HOO!

You all will have 'til midnight next Saturday (the 2nd of July) to email me with the above info.
The winner will be chosen with a random number generator by Wednesday, July 6th.

Thank you for all your support!  I couldn't do it without you guys and I cannot wait to make something for someone else!

Keep your eyes peeled for my Bean Wreaths that I will be posting after the move:]

Any questions?  Just drop me an email at the above address!  And once again, THANK YOU ALL!!


Don't you love it when...

You're walking down the isles of DI and you find an amazing something-or-other that doesn't need any fixins to become a great decoration?  Ya, ME TOO!

Look at this beauty that still had the tag on it from the original store.

Store's price: $10.99

My price: $1.50

Can you believe it?

It goes perfectly on the book shelf next to Treasure Island and my Book Project :]

Let me know what you think!

Who else had had wonderful finds at DI?  I want to hear!


Craigslist Tables

I have been looking for WEEKS for a coffee table and end tables on craigslist and we finally found the perfect set for only (insert drumroll...) $75!
I think we did pretty good!  It pays to be patient!

Josh helped me take the tops off the tables so we could spray them brown, they were white before but I couldn't get a picture before he had them all taken apart...I won't complain! 

And the last end table with the terrariums on in :]  So Perfect!!

Easy simple project that completed our living room!


My Terrariums!

So, Josh works nights (ok i'm not that picked on, he just works late...) and to fill my time I craft! 

One night I was just walking around DI looking for something that I could create...and I found a fabulous, short, fat, jar that was an old style and had yellow writing on it ( it's in the middle in the picture) and knew I had to have it!  Then I found a tall, skinny bottle that I also loved and knew I had to have make a long story short, I found 4 unique glass bottles at DI and decided to make some terrariums and after a quick trip to Porter's to pick up some greenery, I got started.

(The potpourri in the corked bottle had to go...)

I would cut off a couple leaves of grass or the other flowers I got and put a dab of hot glue at the end (sorry this picture is so poor...)

And just glue those puppies to the bottom of each jar pretty closely...until the bottom of the jar was pretty well covered.

Like this!

Then I would sprinkle 2 different sizes of rocks around the bottom to cover up the glass and top the terrariums off.


Not too bad right? :]

(The two jars on the right don't have anything in them...they were mission jars from Guatemala that Josh already had and we wanted to display them somewhere...)

I was awefully happy with how they turned out!  As soon as Josh got home he said:  I thought terrariums were supposed to have living things in them...?
My first reactions was wow!  I didn't even know what a terrarium was until I saw one one Pottery Barn for a billion dollars...Then I realized that living things would be a good idea...for people who could keep those things living!!  But I can't, so I opted for a friendlier version!

Let me know what you think!!


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Runner and Bows for the table and chairs!

Weddings are stressful and they make you do crazy things.  One day  in the middle of wedding planning (we had just gotten done planning things with the decorator) I was envisioning our reception as most brides do, and I thought of the backs of the chairs and how they would be tied with cute yellow bows.

Then my mind started it's subconcious thinking of how to concoct the same for my chairs.

I remembered that I had bought some fabric to make a table cloth out of and thought it would be adorable to make them all match and opt for just a table runner instead of a tablecloth.

This is what I came up with:

And then for the bows on the chairs, I cut the fabric about 4" thick and probably 3 feet long.  For the runner and the bows, I surged all the edges then folded them under and sewed along each side to be sure nothing would fray in the washer.  Josh helped me test that out (thanks honey!) when he spilled O.J. on the runner so I cautiously ran it through the wash and it did great!

So, he really did help!  Now I can have peace of mind that they won't fall apart!

Here is one of the bows:

And the whole table:

Notice my poor striped quilt huddled on the to see that tutorial!

By the way, the table: $15 at DI.  The chairs: Walmart $20 each...The table was wooden so we sanded that and sprayed it with Ivory Krylon then glazed it with Ralph Lauren glaze in Black Silk.  The chairs are made of wood but they came painted white so we Painted them ivory and glazed them as well!  I LOVE how they turned out!

Tell me what you think!
***Remember, you could win a customized version of this, you just have to become a follower!***


Coasters made from Terra Cotta

There are two things that I feel have endless possibilities: Wreaths and Coasters.
I have lots and lots of wreaths but no coasters so I decided to make some!

I was looking and looking for something out of the ordinary to make my coasters out of one night while walking up and downt the isles of the craft store and then I got it: terra cotta plant trays!

This was so easy! I picked up 6 of these puppies for .99 cents each and painted them bright green.  There is no other color that would do them justice!

Then, I found some paper that would match and you can kind of see it in the bottom right corner of the screen and modge podged (M.P.) it into place.
Then, I put a layer of M.P. (hey, those are my initials...I never realized that!) all over the outsides of the coasters and hot glued a circle of felt to the bottom so they wouldn't scratch the tables.

And this is how they turned out!  This was so easy and so creatively endless! 

Thanks to my awesome sister-in-law Melissa for the cute mug!

Now my tables will be drip free!
Let me know what you think!


Wooden Tray Beautification Part II

Remember when I said I wanted to spice up the old boring wooden balls covered with jute?  Well this is what I decided to do!

Paint them with watercolors!

This was super easy...I wanted them to match our living room decorations so I just slapped some green paint and brown paint on a few of them, let them dry and this is what I got!

This was super easy and turned out great!  Let me know what you think!

Remember the giveaway! If you aren't already, become a follower and be entered into the giveaway!



So forever I have wanted to do a giveaway (basically a drawing to give something away to a follower).  The only problem is, there are only 5 followers :[ I can tell from the stats that WAY more than 5 people view new posts each week so if you are one of the people who haven't become a follower, DO IT!! You won't regret it!  And to win a giveaway, you have to be a you might as well!  I'm trying to get 20 so as soon as we have 20 followers, I will do a giveaway and only give something away that YOU choose!  So let's see how many we can get!  Thanks for all of your support!  You guys rock!


Wooden Tray Beautification

Months and months ago, I found this wooden tray with a matching wooden box.  Only one problem: they were blue and I knew our living room wouldn't be blue...  I heard forever ago that if you put ivory soap on wood and paint over it, when you sand the second coat of paint, it will look like it chipped off so I wanted to try it.  I painted over the blue in some spots with green and added a layer of soap after it dried.  Then a layer of white over that then soap after that dried.  then I painted over the whole thing with brown and let it dry really good over night.


The next day, I sanded over the spots with soap (you can tell because the paint is thinker and if you put enough soap on, you will see little "crumbs" of soap bubbling up through the top layer) and this is what happened! 

Just the way I thought it would look! PHEW!

Then to fill up the box, I got ahold of some wooden balls that I had floating around for months and hot glued a string of Jute (you can find a roll of like, 1,000 feet at Walmart...) around each ball and just tucked the ends in...

     I'm planning on spicing up the jute balls...maybe with some paint? We will see! 

Hope you enjoy! Let me know what you think! 


Thursday, June 2, 2011

NEW chair!!

Let me say how very very sorry I am that I didn't post more on the week of the was. CRAZY!
But hey, I'm back now and now life is returning to normal and I will be blogging more.

Married life is much better than I could have every dreamed!
Josh is wonderful to me and we had a blast in Oregon!  Ok, ok, enough about me...ON TO THE CRAFTS! 

In our apartment we don't have a coffee table or matching nightstands...Josh has one on his side of the bed...and I have a pile of blankets...anyways, I have been dying to find some...craigslist...DI...ANYWHERE because I'm dreaming up some fabulous lamps for, the other day, I went to DI to see if I could round up one of those things...but instead I found this beauty:

A sweet wicker chair for only $10!!
(I promise that is really what the price tag says...)

Well, she was beautiful but she needed some love...

So I painted her a shade or two darker brown than she already was...

Now, on to the lovely pad...that had cat hair all over to be specific...and smelled...unique to say the least!

The nasty cover had to go but the zipper was too small to get the rest of the pad, desperate times...desperate measures.  I cut it off.

And found some PERFECT green satin that I picked up forever ago (for the wedding) but never used.  Like I said, perfect.

I measured about 9-10 inches out from the sides and started cutting...

Then I folded the sides over twice to make a casing for the "drawstring" that would hold the cover on the pad.
TIP: Don't forget to leave about 2-3 inches open to slide the drawstring in...forgetting just causes headache...

 When it was all done, it did look messy because hey, its' a circle...

But, it doesn't matter in the end, just as long as you have a good stitch going around it.

Next, I found an old ribbon I had laying around and threaded it through with a handy dandy safety pin and tied a tight bow to secure it around the pad!




The finished product was much better than the sad sack I found at DI  :)

Now here she is, sitting in our living room. 

It was so easy to fix it up and it adds so much color to our living room now! 

So go on!  Hop down to DI and find yourself a diamond in the rough!

Let me know what you think!