Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Terrariums!

So, Josh works nights (ok i'm not that picked on, he just works late...) and to fill my time I craft! 

One night I was just walking around DI looking for something that I could create...and I found a fabulous, short, fat, jar that was an old style and had yellow writing on it ( it's in the middle in the picture) and knew I had to have it!  Then I found a tall, skinny bottle that I also loved and knew I had to have make a long story short, I found 4 unique glass bottles at DI and decided to make some terrariums and after a quick trip to Porter's to pick up some greenery, I got started.

(The potpourri in the corked bottle had to go...)

I would cut off a couple leaves of grass or the other flowers I got and put a dab of hot glue at the end (sorry this picture is so poor...)

And just glue those puppies to the bottom of each jar pretty closely...until the bottom of the jar was pretty well covered.

Like this!

Then I would sprinkle 2 different sizes of rocks around the bottom to cover up the glass and top the terrariums off.


Not too bad right? :]

(The two jars on the right don't have anything in them...they were mission jars from Guatemala that Josh already had and we wanted to display them somewhere...)

I was awefully happy with how they turned out!  As soon as Josh got home he said:  I thought terrariums were supposed to have living things in them...?
My first reactions was wow!  I didn't even know what a terrarium was until I saw one one Pottery Barn for a billion dollars...Then I realized that living things would be a good idea...for people who could keep those things living!!  But I can't, so I opted for a friendlier version!

Let me know what you think!!


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