Thursday, June 2, 2011

NEW chair!!

Let me say how very very sorry I am that I didn't post more on the week of the was. CRAZY!
But hey, I'm back now and now life is returning to normal and I will be blogging more.

Married life is much better than I could have every dreamed!
Josh is wonderful to me and we had a blast in Oregon!  Ok, ok, enough about me...ON TO THE CRAFTS! 

In our apartment we don't have a coffee table or matching nightstands...Josh has one on his side of the bed...and I have a pile of blankets...anyways, I have been dying to find some...craigslist...DI...ANYWHERE because I'm dreaming up some fabulous lamps for, the other day, I went to DI to see if I could round up one of those things...but instead I found this beauty:

A sweet wicker chair for only $10!!
(I promise that is really what the price tag says...)

Well, she was beautiful but she needed some love...

So I painted her a shade or two darker brown than she already was...

Now, on to the lovely pad...that had cat hair all over to be specific...and smelled...unique to say the least!

The nasty cover had to go but the zipper was too small to get the rest of the pad, desperate times...desperate measures.  I cut it off.

And found some PERFECT green satin that I picked up forever ago (for the wedding) but never used.  Like I said, perfect.

I measured about 9-10 inches out from the sides and started cutting...

Then I folded the sides over twice to make a casing for the "drawstring" that would hold the cover on the pad.
TIP: Don't forget to leave about 2-3 inches open to slide the drawstring in...forgetting just causes headache...

 When it was all done, it did look messy because hey, its' a circle...

But, it doesn't matter in the end, just as long as you have a good stitch going around it.

Next, I found an old ribbon I had laying around and threaded it through with a handy dandy safety pin and tied a tight bow to secure it around the pad!




The finished product was much better than the sad sack I found at DI  :)

Now here she is, sitting in our living room. 

It was so easy to fix it up and it adds so much color to our living room now! 

So go on!  Hop down to DI and find yourself a diamond in the rough!

Let me know what you think!


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