Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wooden Tray Beautification

Months and months ago, I found this wooden tray with a matching wooden box.  Only one problem: they were blue and I knew our living room wouldn't be blue...  I heard forever ago that if you put ivory soap on wood and paint over it, when you sand the second coat of paint, it will look like it chipped off so I wanted to try it.  I painted over the blue in some spots with green and added a layer of soap after it dried.  Then a layer of white over that then soap after that dried.  then I painted over the whole thing with brown and let it dry really good over night.


The next day, I sanded over the spots with soap (you can tell because the paint is thinker and if you put enough soap on, you will see little "crumbs" of soap bubbling up through the top layer) and this is what happened! 

Just the way I thought it would look! PHEW!

Then to fill up the box, I got ahold of some wooden balls that I had floating around for months and hot glued a string of Jute (you can find a roll of like, 1,000 feet at Walmart...) around each ball and just tucked the ends in...

     I'm planning on spicing up the jute balls...maybe with some paint? We will see! 

Hope you enjoy! Let me know what you think! 


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