Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bottle Cap Push Pins

Remember the cork board I made to pin all my ideas onto?
The push pins I had for it were the walls in the craft room.
So I have been scrounging around looking for something that would beautify the push pins and I found just the thing!
My collection of bottle caps!

I love them...everything about them.
I love the colors and the vintage feel they have.
I love the variety!  I have been saving them because I was scared to use them...I do that...I want to find the perfect thing to use an item in.  Sometimes it drives me crazy but this time I think I have found just the place to put these:]

Aren't they awesome?!

So, to start off, I left a drop of hot glue about the size of a dime...maybe a little smaller...but I put it on the underside of the bottle caps.
Then pressed the head of the push pin into the glue.

Then let them dry...

And push them into your cork board!

I love how it turned out and how it adds a little pop of color to the cork board.
Notice my dry-erase board I made the other day...
This is the beginning of a collage in the craft room!

Now all that's left is to pin up my ideas!

Thanks for the visit!

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