Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cork Board for the Craft Room!

Along with our new home came an extra bedroom that became my craft room!
Let's just say that when we moved in, I clearly had no time for crafting until we got settled in so we ended up just putting all the "craft stuff" boxes in the craft room until I had time to organize everything.  Well, that time has come!
The walls are naked and I want to make it a space where I want to be, a place that is clean and I can actually find the things I need without searching.  Novel idea right? :]
I want a place that I can just throw my ideas when they come to me.
In comes this beauty of a cork board!

When I first got it, it was black, then I spray painted it white with some Krylon.

I LOVE the small little details around the edges :]
So much potential!

In comes a Scotch-Brite pad:]

Josh has been trying to convert me to these...I don't know if i'm converted yet, but I decided to give them a try!
I thought they would be easier to sand with due to their thickness.

Now those little details aren't so little anymore!

I scuffed up the sides with the SB pad and tada!

Now I just need to find a way to jazz up those push pins...
I think I have just the thing!


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