Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dry-Erase Board for the Craft Room

Forever ago, I found this round picture frame at DI for $1.00.

See?!  A DOLLAR!  I saw it and thought "hmm...I can do something with that!"  I had no idea what I would do with it until today, a dry-erase board for the craft room!

I did know one thing for sure when I found it, the gooses had to go :]

A while ago, like way before we were engaged, probably on a night where I got sick of doing my Chemistry homework or something, I made these two dry-erase boards for my future home, now they sit in my kitchen and I use one for a grocery list and the other for a to do list.
I thought it would be fitting to make one for the craft room :]

I started by unscrewing the back of the frame...

I found some paper that I thought would look cute, and traced the goose circle onto the back of this paper.

Then I painted the frame turquoise...and mod podged it so it would be nice and shiny...

Then I whipped out my good 'ol distressing ink and went to town!

After everything dried, I assembled it all back together...
Notice the gray nail polish...the one I mentioned in my Favorite Things post a couple of days ago...i'm not a weird-o right? :]

Then I slapped that thing up on the wall in the craft room :]

So easy!
for less than $2.50!
What else can I do for less than $2.50?


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