Friday, July 8, 2011

Happy [late] 4th of July!!

Like I said before, the 4th is my favorite holiday- right up there with Christmas.  I take my 4th of July very seriously!  Good thing Josh goes along with me going all out!

So for breakfast, I kicked the day off with some shnazzy red, white, and blue pancakes!

Strawberries, blueberries and whipped cream would have been so good on top :]  Darn, I didn't have any :[  Oh well, you can never go wrong with good old syrup!

For our parade/ fireworks treat, we (yes, WE- he must love me) made some red, white, and blue was so tasty!  I would definately recommend it :] in any color!

Last but not least, our star and stripe t-shirts!
I wanted something festive and that we could match...poor Josh, he has had a cold and he agreed to this while he was on cold medicine :[  What a good sport!

Gosh I love him :]
And, the jeep has it's decorations up as well :]

Hope everybody had a wonderful Independence day!


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JamieG said...

very cute. do you have a tutorial for the roses?