Friday, July 15, 2011

Pearl and Ribbon Bracelets...SO easy!

I love the look of ribbon and pearls and forever I have wanted to make some simple bracelets so, I married these two ideas and came up with these!

This first one, I just grabbed some cream colored ribbon and soft green ribbon and strung some pearls on each peice of ribbon.
 You can see in the above picture that I tied the two strands of ribbon together and only left one ribbon full length to tie into a bow.

And the front...I love the 2 strands of pearls!

Now for the second one, I used the same ribbon, started by tying a knot, stringing the pearl on one ribbon as the other one wrapped around behind it then tied another knot and this time put the pearl on the ribbon that was behind the pearl before it.  Whew! Confusing yet?

 I really love how this one turned out!
I love the two colors of ribbon and I LOVE LOVE how each pearl has some ribbon wrapped behind it...just a fancy little touch that is so simple!

Let me know what you think!


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