Thursday, August 11, 2011


So a while ago, I found a sweet tie at DI for $3 and loved the pattern.  It was a steal!
I brought it home and kept thinking what on earth am I going to do with that?
And then I thought of it: a headband!
The headband challenge over at Little Miss Momma is what inspired this idea!
Go check out all her stuff, she really is an amazing lady!

So, I picked the seam of the tie and opened it all up, cut a length from the skinny end of the tie just enough to go over the top of my head and enough room to add an elastic.
I folded the corners of the tie fabric over the elastic and sewed to keep it in place and WALA!

Super quick and easy....this could easily be hand-stitched as well if you don't have a sewing machine.

For the second headband, I cut 2 pieces of fabric, the first was 1 1/2'' wide and 2 1/2'' long and the second was 5'' wide and 6'' long.

I took the small piece of fabric and put hot glue down one side on the wrong side of the fabric and folded it into thirds to make just a skinny tube.

Then for the big piece of fabric, I folded each side over 1/4'' and just finger-pressed it...I was too lazy to get the iron and ironing board out for this...

So after I folded the sides over, I took it long ways and folded it into thirds again just like the small piece and once again, glued it so then it was a long tube just like the other piece of fabric except the ends were folded in.

Next you fold the bow twice and figure out how you want it to look.
Once you have decided, put a couple drops of hot glue in the creases and let it dry.

Then, I glued the bow onto the headband.  I got this headband in a pack of 3 from Fred Meyer.
Take the small piece of fabric and wrap it around the bow and the headband and make sure the raw ends of the fabric are on the underside.

Last, I noticed that the top half of the bow was poking out and I didn't want it to poke out while it was on my head so I just dabbed a drop of glue on the headband and pressed to keep that little bugger under control.

And now it's done!
I loved how easy this headband was as well...very customizable!
And I loved that it was no-sew!

Hope you all have a great hair day!


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