Monday, August 15, 2011

The Infinity Scarf!

A couple days ago, I was visiting my regular blogs and I found this awesome Infinity Scarf over at The Cottage Home. Lindsay, the writer of the blog does a WONDERFUL job of showing us how to make the scarf so if you are unclear on some of the steps, head over there and show her some love!

I love scarves and when I saw this, it was one of those "well duh..." moments.
A scarf that never falls off? No brainer!
Well I immediately had to make my own and just used some fabric that I had on hand and this is what I did:

First off, I cut a peice of fabric 60" long and 24" wide.

Next, fold down the middle (hot dog style) and pin the raw edge to get it all ready to be sewn.
Make sure that the wrong sides of your fabric are facing out...
As soon as it's all pinned, go ahead and sew down the raw edges of the scarf.

Last, turn the scarf right side out and fold about 1" of one raw end inside itself to create a clean edge, then take the other end of the scarf and pin it inside the other and run a stitch down the fold where the two ends come together...once again, don't be afraid to refer to her pictures...

Then show it off!
Just loop it twice around your neck and that's it!

This is my only little sis Abi, she was my model for this tutorial...and I let her keep the scarf...great deal right? :]
I'm thinking I better head over to JoAnn's and pick up some fun fall prints to make a scarf of my own...

Have a great day!

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lindsay said...

This is adorable and super easy! Thanks for sharing!