Thursday, August 18, 2011

Meet Susana!

Hey guys there is someone you HAVE to meet!
Her name is Susana and she makes the most beautiful lockets!
Seriously, she's got talent.
Here's a little bit about her:

"I'm from Madrid, Spain, where I currently live. I'm single...for the moment.... waiting to meet my prince...
I love making jewelry and everything that is handmade. I also like working with metals and leather. Soon, I would like to open a new shop with leather bags (I'm so excited about this but, well this is just another story).
5 years ago I started taking jewelry classes and I have learned different tecniques, one of them is working with resin and you can see the results on my lockets."

Check out some of her lockets:

Like she said above, the front of each locket is covered with resin to preserve the beautiful design.

I LOVE them all!  After I found her Etsy shop, I spent forever looking at all her different designs of lockets. No matter your style, she will have something perfect for you...or your sister who's birthday is in a month or two...or your birthday... She definitely has some talent!

The last two are my personal favorites:

Bird on a Branch...

My birthday is next week and I think I'm going to cave and buy one for a birthday present for myself!
Great idea right? ;]

Anyways, back to Susana!
Each of her lockets are $25...
Now your thinking shipping right?
To anywhere in Spain, add $3 and to everywhere else add $4. FOUR DOLLARS IS ALL!
As soon as I told Josh the shipping price, he thought I was lying to him...I'm not lying!  It really is that good of a deal!

I think Susana has some wonderful talent and beautiful lockets!
You can see them for yourself at Her AMA Jewelry Etsy Shop.
So go on, what are you waiting for?!
Go and see all her other designs!
You definitely won't regret it and in a week or two, who knows? You could have one of her beautiful lockets hanging around your neck like I will!

Happy shopping!


JamieG said...

you are sooo evil! i am now in love. and i think the dandelion one is my favorite.

Megan @ Meg's Craft Creations said...

I KNOW!!! I'm in love too...have you told Patrick yet? ;]

JamieG said...

i showed him a few from the website and he commented about how i liked all of them. i stuck out my tongue at him in return