Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pretty Good Find & My WONDERFUL Husband!

When I went to DI a while ago, the day I found the sweet tie I made my headband out of, I also found these four Mason Jars for $1.50 each...SWEET DEAL!

I picked them up and decided with a good washing, they would be craft room worthy:]
So, now they sit.
In the window of the craft room...
Waiting to be filled by something I'm super excited to show you guys...
They will be here next week and we will probably have to do a giveaway...wink wink.

And what did Josh do that was so nice?
Do you ever have those days where you think the world is going to end because some little thing doesn't go how you planned so it makes you turn into a beast to torment all who live with you?
And i'm not proud of it.
I'm working on it I promise.
So the other day, I had one of those days and I was feeling pretty down.
Until in walks Josh with a dozen yellow roses!
My favorite man and my favorite color.
What isn't there to love?!
I am so lucky to have him!  He is way too nice to me and I amd so thankful for him.

So all of you who can, go and tell your hubby's you love them and look for the little things they do that make your day.



JamieG said...

awwww! and i'm pretty sure you don't have a beastly bone in your body. we need to come visit you again sometime.

Megan @ Meg's Craft Creations said...

Haha oh man Jamie, the other day, I definitely did! Poor Josh had to put up with me and my negativity...ok we will! I have an idea for your wreath by the way...