Tuesday, August 9, 2011

We Went to Montana...

Josh's family is from Montana so for their family reunion this year, we all met up at Georgetown Lake and went camping and found some trails with the jeeps.  We had so much fun!

Now, one thing about me, I'm a freakazoid whenever I get bit or stung by insects...who knows why...my tongue doesn't swell and I don't pass out, but freaky things happen...wanna see?

Case A: Freaky Raptor Hand.
The last night of our trip we stayed in Bozeman with Josh's grandparents and they were showing me around their house.  The last place we got to was a little balcony on their second floor.  It had some comfy looking chairs out there so I sat down and to our surprise, there were THREE wasps' nests underneath the cushion I sat on...YOW!
Josh's mom Laura got stung and I got stung and Josh's sister Jessica got stung.
I got stung on my pinky and this is how swollen my hand got!  It was so so SO itchy and miserable and huge that it hurt to straighten my last two fingers...yuck...

Case B: Kankle.
Within the first 15 minutes of getting there, I got two mosquito bites on the same ankle.
So, my ankle swelled up so I couldn't see the bones anymore...so attractive...

Case C: Red Eye.
Ever since I was little, my eyes have been sensitive to pollen and dust and stuff.
On our way to Bozeman the last day, we stopped at some hot springs and Laura said: "well, if we all get pink eye, we know where it came from!" I didn't get pink eye, but the next morning I woke up to one eye just being bloodshot. Scary!

So, it's a good thing I have these:

And It's good that I sat in bed holding on to frozen cookie dough to bring down some swelling as I caught up on some emails!

We had a complete blast in Montana and I wouldn't trade that time in the world with our family!
This was a crazy first camping trip for Josh and I so I thought I had better document some of the craziness :]

By the way, my hand is no longer T-rexish and my eye is once again white :]...good thing too!

Have a super day!

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