Friday, September 30, 2011

Cupboard Door Revamp :]

See these beauties?  I got them from my fabulous sister Katelyn last spring (thanks again Kate!)  So they have just been laying around for months as I have been deciding what to do with them and I have finally decided!  Picture hangers!  If you don't have an awesome sister that just happens to have 2 extra cupboard doors laying around, i'm sure you could call any cabinet company and ask for a few scrap doors...that's how I found the makings for our headboard...which I will post up as soon as possible.  But just call around and ask if you can come peruse through their scrap doors...they would be glad to get their junk of their hands!

To start off, the doors had four holes in each one of them...who knows why but they I patched those up with some Minwax wood filler.  I'm a big fan of Minwax...

Then I whipped out some Valspar spray paint in glossy and decided to try it out just because that's what I had on hand.  I must say, NOW I understand why Krylon has an E-Z touch nozzle...holy moly did my poor finger hurt after all THREE coats.  I literally could not push the nozzle anymore.  On the plus side, I LOVED the coverage and the color of the Valspar spray paint.  Nothing to complain about there so if your fingers are feeling tough and it's just a small project,  I would recommend it!

See? Nice glossy color :]

Then, nail your hardware into the back...

Here is where it really gets fun!  I chose to distress the edges with my handy dandy distressing pad.  If you choose to do this, be sure to lightly sand the edges so the ink will stick.

To hang my pictures, I chose to go with standard Letter Clips.  Quick, easy, perfect for this project.  So I measured out where I wanted those babies to go, heated up the glue gun and slapped them on.

Last, I tied some green ribbon around the clips to add some is the accent color in our living room...hopefully in the coming week or two I can do a living room unveiling! 

And this is the finished product!  I did make 2 of these, but I don't have my fabulous shelf done that they will be sitting on, and didn't want to put another hole in the wall just for a photo:]

So what do you think?  Are you going to give these puppies a try?  Let me know how it goes!


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Meet Lauren!

Lauren is definitely someone you guys HAVE to meet!  She is the creator behind these beauties:

Custom Hand Stamped Aluminum 1/2 inch Bracelet YOU PERSONALIZE ((Names Dates Quotes))

Custom Hand Stamped Necklace- The Isabella

Custom Hand Stamped Initial Charm

Aren't they all so beautiful!  For a while now, I have been looking for a charm necklace to put mine and Josh's initials on with our anniversary.  I have seen them all over blogland, but they always cost an arm and a leg.  Lauren's jewelry is very fairly priced so when I found her shop, I was amazed!  Here is a little more about her:

"I am a college student living in Oregon. I will be going into my second year of college to study dental hygiene. I'm turning 20 in October.

I started up my Etsy shop back in January of this year. I started out making simple beaded earrings. Then I discovered hand stamped jewelry. So I saved my money up and purchased my first stamps in March. In the beginning I was only making aluminium bracelets. Now my shop has grown and I am making several types of charms necklaces and bracelets. I have four different fonts and seven different design stamps now. I keep my prices affordable so everyone can enjoy my stamped jewelry. I now have a page on facebook for my jewelry as well."

Her birthday is next month!  So go show her some love at her Etsy Shop!  The possibilites are endless with these custom pieces! 

Let me know what you guys purchase!  Again, the possibilities are endless and I want to see what you guys come up with!

Happy shopping!


Monday, September 26, 2011

Forget me not

Many of you may know that this coming weekend is an extra special weekend for Latter-Day Saints.  It is one of two weekends every year that we can all tune in or travel to Salt Lake City to hear the prophet of our church speak.  They guide us, they comfort us, and they tell us what our Heavenly Father would tell us if he were here.  I cannot wait!  To go along with General Conference, there is a special conference for the women where we recieve guidance especially for us.  Last Saturday night was this special women's conference and there was a talk that can be applied to each and every one of us.  I wanted to share it with you all!

President Dieter F. Utchdorf, second counselor to our beloved prophet spoke of the Forget Me Not flower.  It has 5 petals and he gave us 5 things that we should never forget in our lives.

First, forget not to be patient with ourselves.  Don't compare ourselves to others, celebrate our good efforts.  Stop punishing ourselves over the small mistakes.  Be thankful for our smallest successes, these are the successes that are most beautiful to our Heavenly Father.

Second, forget not to remember the difference between a good sacrifice and less than good sacrifice.  Don't give up more than we will get back from these sacrifices.  Sacrifice good things for something much greater in the long run.

Third, forget not to be happy, today.  He likened this to the story of Willy Wonka's chocolate factory, after he announced the golden tickets, everyone forgot the delicious chocolate bars, and focused only on finding the tickets.  Don't forget to enjoy the simple things in life.  Never stop striving for the best that is within us, but enjoy the ride.

Fourth, forget not the "why?" of the gospel.  Why do we do the things we do in our lives?  Because we are compelled?  Or because we want to?  He explained that the what and where are essential for our testimonies, but the why of the gospel brings the beauty to our lives.  Seek the majesty and beauty of "why?"

Fifth, forget not that the Lord ALWAYS loves us.  I think that each one of us forgets this at times.  We are not insignificant!  Though we may feel like the little flower, we are not forgotten.  He loves us because we are his children.  We need to allow his love to enter our lives so he can heal our wounds.  He is closer to us than we think.

If we can remember these 5 things, I know that our lives will be enriched.  We will be happier and have a new strength in our lives.  I am so thankful that we can hear these words and become better as women!

So, we can remember these 5 things right?
Have a wonderful day!


Friday, September 23, 2011

Easy Candy Corn Wreath

I have been wanting to show you guys this for weeks now!  Last fall, my sister Katelyn bought one of these puppies at a garage sale and ever since, I have had wreath envy.  So what do I do? I make my own!

This wreath is so simple I won't even show you the steps!  I used a 16" foam wreath, brown spray paint, modge podge, and 1 1/2 small bags of candy corn.  First, spray paint your wreath.  You can use black or brown or orange...pretty much any color you wish :]  I found that dark spray paint will help the candy stand out.  After it is all dry, start on the outer, back edge and glue the candy corn so they are all facing one direction.  Next row, switch directions and keep working around the foam until it's all done.  When I was finished, I painted on a thin layer of modge podge to keep the candy corn from falling off or cracking.  Then hang that baby up and you have yourself a simple, fall/halloween wreath!  Let me know how it goes!

Hope you have a great day!


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Husband!

(It's so weird to think that this picture of us was taken almost a whole year ago!  So sorry for the old picture.)

Sorry guys, no "Awkward and Awesome Thursday" today...but something MUCH better!  It was Josh's Birthday on Tuesday!!  Happy 24th!  I wanted to make his birthday extra special so I strapped on my chef hat and decided to take on this:

(Cue the angel's chorus...) It was DE-LICIOUS!  If you want the recipe, click HERE.  Josh wanted a chocolate cake and I wanted to make something wonderful...if I don't say so myself, this cake was wonderful...thanks to the ladies at Our Best Bites!

Something awesome? Toffee.  Oh my heavens...I'm in love...

Granted, Josh's cake is not as pretty as the one pictured in Our Best Bites, (I know how to fix that next time) but it was so so so easy!  I was terrified something would go wrong but it never did...unless you find yourself staring at it in the middle of the night....then eating it...that could cause problems... but I dare you all to dig in to this HEAVENLY cake!  You won't regret it!

Have a great day!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

This weekend...

Today I had a Microbiology Lab that started at 9...I drove all the way to Pocatello and went to school on a Saturday!  Sheesh:]  Oh well, i've gotta do what i've gotta do.  This weekend involved some school and homework...oh I could do without you.

 And now the Husband had contracted whatever illness I had...poor he's asleep and I'm sitting, looking out our big window in our living room.  Today has been a beautiful day and I am so thankful for this time to slow down and spend with Josh.

And later, I may possibly started cutting into these babies for another fall craft...this weekend will be a good weekend... It is always nice to just relax and catch our breathe for a minute.  Tomorrow will be church and I am so excited.  Once again, we get to forget the world and go learn about the most important things in this life.  Life would be crazy without that rock of church and the gospel in our lives.

So, have yourself a wonderful weekend!  I'm gonna go spend some time with Josh :]



Ashley over at The SHINE Project got me thinking the other day about the little thing called Faith.  She had a guest post about what faith is and how it can help us.  I agree wholeheartedly.  Faith is the thing that pulls us through when we don't have the legs to stand on and move ourselves.  Faith makes everything ok.  With faith we can get through anything.

I got to thinking, what has built my faith the most?  A few instances in my life have built my faith more than I ever thought they could.  I realized that to be built, we have to be brought down to where we can't stand alone anymore.  Just like an old house.  Before a new beautiful house can be built, It must be destroyed.  For us to be built, we need to be willing for our Heavenly Father to mold us and make us unto something that we could never dream of on our own.  This is why we need to struggle, so we can forget what we wanted to do with ourselves and allow us to be shaped into something beautiful.

The things that have shaped me most are things that shook me as a person.  Things that made me really question who I am.  They made me realize that there is no other way that things could work out except we follow our loving Heavenly Father's plan.  These things that built my faith were hard.  They hurt like nothing else could hurt.  But in the end, they built me.

It was once said by a leader of our church that faith is the opposite of fear.  When something happens that will shape us, our first reaction is fear.  Through prayer and the comfort of the Holy Ghost, that fear is turned into faith that will build us and that will make us who we were supposed to be instead of who we want to be.

Now, think about something in your life that shook you and made you kneel  before you could stand.  Now thing about the beautiful person that you have become because of this trial.  It is true for all of us that there is a storm before the calm, it's going to be hard, and it will probably hurt.  But you will become a better version of yourself by the time the sunshine rolls back around.  You just gotta have FAITH.


Friday, September 16, 2011

I'm Falling for Fall!

I've been sick and couldn't help but show you all what Josh came home from class with.  He is so good to me!  I don't know what I would do without him!  See? Striped like a zebra :]

Ok, on to the craft!  So I have had a couple books kicking around from DI.  I just knew I would use them!  I got this one from DI for $1, it had about 400 pages.

To start off, I tore all the pages out of the book...keep them all attached to each will help in the long run!  See the little sections towards the spine of the book?  I'll talk about those babies later!

Next draw out the shape of the pumpkin you want to create.  I would highly recommend tracing the WHOLE thing out instead of just one half...that way you can really get a feel of what it's going to look like...this saved my skin from making a pear shaped pumpkin...

THEN you can cut it in half!  I labeled the top and bottom...probably not necessary, I just thought I would lost track.

Back to the book.  Remember the spines I talked about?  Trace and cut out the pumpkin shape a few pages at a time.  I found the hard way that if you start to just trace the previously cut pages instead of the stencil, the pumpkin will just start growing and, word to the wise, just trace the saves some heartache:]  After about 200 pages (you could use anywhere from 180-220) are cut out, get rid of the extra binding of the book left on the top and bottom of the pumpkin.  Hot glue the first page and the last page together.  *Only glue in lines right next to and parallel to the binding.*  I glued a lot so don't be shy, just separate the pages from each other so they don't stick together and add some glue where it is needed.

I think I found the right color:]  Just slap that paint on in quick sprays being careful to keep the paint can at a slight distance.

And there you have it!  Some nice little pumpkins to keep your living room happy when it's fall!  I'm so excited for the seasons to change!  My scarves, cardigans, and boots miss me!

Let me know how your's go!


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!


- Driving around town one afternoon and whitnessing TWO people using their rear-view mirrors as intra-nostril inspectors...Yuck...i'm gonna be more careful about how "in to" my car singing I get!

-Sitting on the grass one evening waiting for our next classes to start and Josh is looking at his hands and how dry they were from work.  So I decide to check out my legs, as soon as I pull up my pants, (after I make sure no one is about to whitness this) Josh lets out a "eeew..." yes, Josh thought they were nasty and that I needed lotion...enough said :]

-I had to take a paper in to my english teacher's mailbox at the school, in a room I had never been in before.  As soon as I found it, I thought we needed a card to slide through the little slider next to the door (like a hotel) so I say: "Josh look!" like it was going to be the most agonizing task to get in...then the guy standing behind us sheepishly walked around us, and turned the door handle.  To my amazement, it opened.  Who would have known? :]

-Sniffling because of your cold in class...


-I have a new sweet nephew!  My sister Katelyn who moved to Buffalo, NY had her second little angel last week!  He was healthy, and pink, and very very chubby!

-Josh taking care of me while i'm sick.

-My mother-in-law bringing us dinner while I was sick (thanks again Laura!).

-Me being so so so sneaky with Josh's birthday presents... :]

-The pretty pink striped (yes, striped like a zebra!) roses Josh brought me so I would get feeling better.

-Dropping a cough drop on the kitchen tile and watching it shatter into 500 peices :]

-The 25 year old TV sitting in our living room!

I had a pretty awesome week, what about all of you? :]


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sickley Thoughts...and a DI outfit

By sickley, I mean that this last Sunday, I woke up with an angry sore throat and that has turned into an ugly cold...I hate being sick!  It is one thing that can really shake me up and make me feel like the dishes in the sink really don't need to be washed...

But then I have this wonderful husband who steps in and makes me feel like a million bucks, when in reality, I should be feeling like $0.50.  Josh has taken such good care of me, he has played with my hair and read our scriptures before bed even though i'm half dead and not retaining as much as I should...or anything at all...  He is such a wonderful husband and i'm so thankful for him!  Those dishes in the sink?  Ya, he has been doing them way more than he needs to and i'm so thankful that he doesn't mind those things...he does them because i'm under the weather and because he loves me and i'm so blesssed to have him.

Last week, superman (Josh) and I had a "4 month anniversary" date, we went to where our first date was, had an amazing dinner, then to top it all off, he took me to DI to look at everything...that's a great way to my heart :]  I found this sassy blue skirt and the black and white striped t-shirt and did some altering so I could wear them to church...I did!  And just to prove that clothes from DI aren't the plague, I even got a compliment or two!  See?  They aren't horrible :]  After the DI part of our date, we went home and watched Emma...and if you are friends with my on Facebook...this is where our TV explodes...anyways...I am so thankful for the wonderful person that Josh is and I couldn't be more blessed.

So what are you guys most thankful for in your lives?

Have a great day!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Giveaway #2 Winners!

Ok guys, the suspense has been killing me.  I'm so excited for this giveaway! So, let's cut to the chase and announce the winners!
Enter a lower limit: 
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Random Number:
Comment #10 was from the one and only: RANDI OSWALD!
She said:

Randi Oswald said...

I love following your blog Meg!!!

Enter a lower limit: 
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Random Number:
Comment #6 was from the lovely KIM MORRIS!
She said:
 sunshinekim said...

Super cute rings Megan! I love your blog! It has inspired me to start making things myself! :)

Oh and guess what, I am working on a fall craft right not!  It's about time right?  But I will post the tutorial for that next week!
Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway!  I could not do all of this without everyone's support.  You guys really are the best!  If any of you are just dying to get your hands on one of these rings, email me and we can work out a fair price.  Thanks again for everyone's support!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday:


-At the grocery store after class one night and I started placing my groceries on the conveyor belt.  Hearing the Checker ask: "Hi! How are you?" and relplying: "I'm doing good thanks!" Then, looking up and seeing that she wasn't talking to me...she was talking to the checker next to her...then, just in case I didn't feel stupid enough, she asks again, only this time she is really asking me.  Great! 

-Helping someone at work and reaching up to grab their payment from them and instead of simply grabbing the payment, I hit my hand on the top part of the desk then act like nothing happened.

-Again helping someone at work except they have an extremely heavy accent so I can only guess what their saying.

-Walking back to the car after class only to find that the girl in the car parked right next to me has a riot on her hands because of the boy yelling professing his love to her...then asking why he can't kiss other girls...then they spot me as I walk to my car, unlock it, go unlock the trunk and get my purse out...then get in.  The whole time staring at me like it's their parking lot and i've gotta go. 

-Man standing WAY too close to me in the checkout line of the grocery store.

-Picking weeds and almost getting attacked by bees so I run away...then remember that I have to keep my cool because i'm in public. Yipes.


-Financial Aid finally went through! WOO HOO! No more stressing over that!

-Husband telling me I look beautiful and then giving me a great big kiss on the forehead.

-Boating with my family on Labor Day.

-Husband overcoming his fears of bodies of water and coming on said boating trip. (Man I love him to death!)

-DI shopping...what's not to love?

-Leftovers...even though Josh does not agree, it's less work for me!

-Josh taking care of me the other night when I was deathly ill...not really I just haven't felt sick in forever.

So what are your awkwards and awesomes for this last week? Leave me a comment and let's hear them!
Tomorrow is the last day to enter the giveaway!  To do so, click HERE!

Have a great day!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Challenge for Everyone!

I have the most wonderful husband in the world.
Lately, one of our favorite things to do together is go to DI here in town and scavenge for great old VHS's that we haven't seen in forever:]
The other day we went and while Josh was looking for a good movie for us to watch, I headed over to the clothing section.  I haven't ever bought clothes there but I wanted to check it out and see if I could find anything amazing.  I'm always up for a good challenge:]

So I found this button-up for $3 and the belt for $1.
Yes, I am serious!
I loved the peachy color of the top and the thickness of the belt.
One rule that I have when thrifting is that you must LOVE at least one thing about the item.  If you don't, you will never use it.  This applies to clothing as well and I definitely found a couple things I love!

So shifting gears, on Sunday, we had the best ever Relief Society lesson I have ever had. Hands. Down.
It was on a talk that sister Julie B. Beck gave last April in General Conference.  If you aren't familiar with our faith, go HERE and look around.  If you aren't a member of our church, this can still be applied to everyone.

So her talk was on balancing our time-one thing that I have really been struggling with lately with school and work and my wonderful hubby.
She says that she started making a list before the start of each new week.  There were three categories on this list: Essential, Necessary, and Nice to Do.

Under the "Essential" category, she would write her "to-do's" that would bring her salvation in the next life.  Things like read scriptures, pray, serve others, and go to church.

Under the "Necessary" category, she would write things that needed to get done to keep her house in order like do laundry, cook meals, clean the house etc.

Under the "Nice to Do" category, she would write the things that were fun, but in the end, they could not save her.  These were things like read, ehem...craft, sew.

She makes a point saying that the more essential and necessary things she got done, the more time she had in the end to do many of the things on her "nice to do" list.  She also points out that we need to go the the Lord for help in balancing our lives.  Without his help, we get side-tracked and forget the real purpose of why we made the list.

Sister Beck also tells of the power and influence that women have in our society, one thing that is easy to forget with all the media around us.  She says that the women today are "lionesses at the gate."  Meaning that the women today are the "necks" of the household, moving the head any way she wants.  She says:
"Women are the lionesses at teh gate of the home.  Whatever happens in that home and family happens because she cares about it and it is important to her.  She guards the gate and things matter to that family if they matter to her."

How many things do we do today just because that is what our mothers did?  I know everyday there are many many things that I do just like my mom.  What an influence that women have in our lives today!

So, why am I telling you this?  Because I have three challenges for you all:

1. Thrift an outfit and sent me a picture.  (Maybe we can do a post of all you lovely ladies in your thrifted attire?!)
2. Make an "Essential", "Necessary", and "Nice to Do" List for this week and get as much done as possible.
3. Become a better example for those around you.  You don't have to be a momma to have an impact on someone else.

Let me know how it goes!

By the way, only 2 MORE DAYS to enter the latest Giveaway!! For more info on entering the giveaway, go HERE!  The Giveaway closes at midnight on friday night!

Tomorrow is Awkward and Awesome Thursday...I can't wait!
Have a great day!


Saturday, September 3, 2011

Look What Came!

Every day this past week I have been checking the mailbox to see if this baby was inside:

And today, it was!  In my mailbox straight from Spain!
I opened it up and found my locket all safe and secure with the sweetest note from Susana :)  That definately made my day!

Look at how beautiful it is!!

As soon as possible, there will be a picture of me and a picture of josh inside...I can't wait!

I couldn't wait for Josh to get home to take pictures of me!

Even better than expected!
I LOVE the locket and i'm so happy with it!  Susana sure does beautiful work!
If you haven't already, go check out her Etsy shop HERE!  You will love your locket just as much as I love mine!

Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend! ...I know me, my locket, and Josh will ;)