Thursday, September 8, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday:


-At the grocery store after class one night and I started placing my groceries on the conveyor belt.  Hearing the Checker ask: "Hi! How are you?" and relplying: "I'm doing good thanks!" Then, looking up and seeing that she wasn't talking to me...she was talking to the checker next to her...then, just in case I didn't feel stupid enough, she asks again, only this time she is really asking me.  Great! 

-Helping someone at work and reaching up to grab their payment from them and instead of simply grabbing the payment, I hit my hand on the top part of the desk then act like nothing happened.

-Again helping someone at work except they have an extremely heavy accent so I can only guess what their saying.

-Walking back to the car after class only to find that the girl in the car parked right next to me has a riot on her hands because of the boy yelling professing his love to her...then asking why he can't kiss other girls...then they spot me as I walk to my car, unlock it, go unlock the trunk and get my purse out...then get in.  The whole time staring at me like it's their parking lot and i've gotta go. 

-Man standing WAY too close to me in the checkout line of the grocery store.

-Picking weeds and almost getting attacked by bees so I run away...then remember that I have to keep my cool because i'm in public. Yipes.


-Financial Aid finally went through! WOO HOO! No more stressing over that!

-Husband telling me I look beautiful and then giving me a great big kiss on the forehead.

-Boating with my family on Labor Day.

-Husband overcoming his fears of bodies of water and coming on said boating trip. (Man I love him to death!)

-DI shopping...what's not to love?

-Leftovers...even though Josh does not agree, it's less work for me!

-Josh taking care of me the other night when I was deathly ill...not really I just haven't felt sick in forever.

So what are your awkwards and awesomes for this last week? Leave me a comment and let's hear them!
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Have a great day!

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