Thursday, September 15, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!


- Driving around town one afternoon and whitnessing TWO people using their rear-view mirrors as intra-nostril inspectors...Yuck...i'm gonna be more careful about how "in to" my car singing I get!

-Sitting on the grass one evening waiting for our next classes to start and Josh is looking at his hands and how dry they were from work.  So I decide to check out my legs, as soon as I pull up my pants, (after I make sure no one is about to whitness this) Josh lets out a "eeew..." yes, Josh thought they were nasty and that I needed lotion...enough said :]

-I had to take a paper in to my english teacher's mailbox at the school, in a room I had never been in before.  As soon as I found it, I thought we needed a card to slide through the little slider next to the door (like a hotel) so I say: "Josh look!" like it was going to be the most agonizing task to get in...then the guy standing behind us sheepishly walked around us, and turned the door handle.  To my amazement, it opened.  Who would have known? :]

-Sniffling because of your cold in class...


-I have a new sweet nephew!  My sister Katelyn who moved to Buffalo, NY had her second little angel last week!  He was healthy, and pink, and very very chubby!

-Josh taking care of me while i'm sick.

-My mother-in-law bringing us dinner while I was sick (thanks again Laura!).

-Me being so so so sneaky with Josh's birthday presents... :]

-The pretty pink striped (yes, striped like a zebra!) roses Josh brought me so I would get feeling better.

-Dropping a cough drop on the kitchen tile and watching it shatter into 500 peices :]

-The 25 year old TV sitting in our living room!

I had a pretty awesome week, what about all of you? :]


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