Thursday, September 1, 2011

Busy, busy, busy...and blessed...and first ever awkward and awesome!

So the fall semester at ISU started last week.
It's going to be a toughie.  First of all, Josh and I are either working or in school from 8 to at least 7 Monday to Thursday.  Don't get me wrong, these jobs that we have and the opportunities that we have to go to school are unreal.  We have been so blessed!  It is just hard to coordinate schedules and "us" times...we will figure it out. 

 This semester i'm working and going to school full time-recommended? No. Needed? YES.  I need to go to school full time to recieve financial aid (huge blessing) but it is going to be a long pull i'm afraid. One thing that will help out a lot for me is that i'm finally starting to take more specialized classes-ones that I will actually use (novel idea right?) but the classes that I do have, I love and I have wonderful teachers so it is a huge blessing that way that I am able to work and keep going to school.

With classes starting, we had tuition and books to pay for and we can really see the blessings of tithing-much more than I have ever seen in my life.  Josh got a small check in the mail, he's getting paid to go to school and hopefully I will have one coming as soon as my financial aid goes through.  Things are tight, but later we will be so thankful for our poor, newlywed days.  This is sure making us hang on to each other and rely on each other, someday, we will miss these days!

With all that being said, with all of this craziness and with my awful blogging last month, I am determined to be a better blogger.  How will I do this you may ask?  Good question and i'm trying to figure that out too, but I do have an idea:  I want to post more often, but not neccesarily only when I have a new craft to show you all.  I think for this month at least while we are fitting into these new shoes of being married and working so hard in school and at work, I will post a little more about our life as we figure all this stuff out.  Don't worry, I'll keep crafting!  I just want to post more on this blog but I won't have all the time in the world to craft (...darn).

So, to kick things off, I have been in LOVE with Sydney's blog The Daybook.  She is wonderful, fabulous, and all things awesome over there!  She has sweet style and a great sense of humor.
She does a post every Thursday titles awkward and awesome and I have noticed that I have an abundance of that in my life so I'll share it with you all.
Here goes:


-Walking to the car the other day after class in deep thought, pulling out my phone and stumbling.  I thought "hmmm...I never noticed the sidewalk rose up right there..."  turning around and seeing that IT DIDN'T.  And that about 5 people around me had seen me dragging my feet.  Sweet:(
-Realizing in class tonight that the 50 year old guy sitting right in front of me in English had a plumber going on...TMI
-Making collection calls at work and lately I have fits of studdering- ya just go ahead and pretend to take me seriously...
-Getting called Karen the other day.


-Josh waiting up to the oh-so-late hour of 9:30 to come pick me up from class (we go to bed really early ok...)
-Being blessed enough that I can go to school and still have this wonderful amazing job
-Seeing the blessings of paying our tithing, even though things are tight, we have been so blessed, our cupboards are full and things are going to work out.
-Getting out of English at 9:26, 4 minutes early.
-My wonderful husband that always opens doors for me (he is the best!)
-Crying over the Weigand's loss and other miscarriages only to be comforted by Josh
-The $2 thrifted belt i'm wearing
-Sleeping in 20 minutes today
-Curly hair that cooperates when we sleep in 20 minutes on accident :)

Here's to getting things done!  I'm determined.
Hope your day was more awesome than awkward;]
P.S. Giveaway comming up SOOON!  I promise this time...


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