Saturday, September 17, 2011


Ashley over at The SHINE Project got me thinking the other day about the little thing called Faith.  She had a guest post about what faith is and how it can help us.  I agree wholeheartedly.  Faith is the thing that pulls us through when we don't have the legs to stand on and move ourselves.  Faith makes everything ok.  With faith we can get through anything.

I got to thinking, what has built my faith the most?  A few instances in my life have built my faith more than I ever thought they could.  I realized that to be built, we have to be brought down to where we can't stand alone anymore.  Just like an old house.  Before a new beautiful house can be built, It must be destroyed.  For us to be built, we need to be willing for our Heavenly Father to mold us and make us unto something that we could never dream of on our own.  This is why we need to struggle, so we can forget what we wanted to do with ourselves and allow us to be shaped into something beautiful.

The things that have shaped me most are things that shook me as a person.  Things that made me really question who I am.  They made me realize that there is no other way that things could work out except we follow our loving Heavenly Father's plan.  These things that built my faith were hard.  They hurt like nothing else could hurt.  But in the end, they built me.

It was once said by a leader of our church that faith is the opposite of fear.  When something happens that will shape us, our first reaction is fear.  Through prayer and the comfort of the Holy Ghost, that fear is turned into faith that will build us and that will make us who we were supposed to be instead of who we want to be.

Now, think about something in your life that shook you and made you kneel  before you could stand.  Now thing about the beautiful person that you have become because of this trial.  It is true for all of us that there is a storm before the calm, it's going to be hard, and it will probably hurt.  But you will become a better version of yourself by the time the sunshine rolls back around.  You just gotta have FAITH.


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Daryl said...

This is beautiful. Faith in the Lord is the only thing that makes some trials bearable. Thanks for sharing!

<3 Daryl
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