Thursday, September 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Husband!

(It's so weird to think that this picture of us was taken almost a whole year ago!  So sorry for the old picture.)

Sorry guys, no "Awkward and Awesome Thursday" today...but something MUCH better!  It was Josh's Birthday on Tuesday!!  Happy 24th!  I wanted to make his birthday extra special so I strapped on my chef hat and decided to take on this:

(Cue the angel's chorus...) It was DE-LICIOUS!  If you want the recipe, click HERE.  Josh wanted a chocolate cake and I wanted to make something wonderful...if I don't say so myself, this cake was wonderful...thanks to the ladies at Our Best Bites!

Something awesome? Toffee.  Oh my heavens...I'm in love...

Granted, Josh's cake is not as pretty as the one pictured in Our Best Bites, (I know how to fix that next time) but it was so so so easy!  I was terrified something would go wrong but it never did...unless you find yourself staring at it in the middle of the night....then eating it...that could cause problems... but I dare you all to dig in to this HEAVENLY cake!  You won't regret it!

Have a great day!

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Chels said...

Happy Birthday Josh! HOLY SMOKES MEG! That cake looks sooooooo delish. Im gonna call you betty Crocker! WOW, my mouth is waterin haha