Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sickley Thoughts...and a DI outfit

By sickley, I mean that this last Sunday, I woke up with an angry sore throat and that has turned into an ugly cold...I hate being sick!  It is one thing that can really shake me up and make me feel like the dishes in the sink really don't need to be washed...

But then I have this wonderful husband who steps in and makes me feel like a million bucks, when in reality, I should be feeling like $0.50.  Josh has taken such good care of me, he has played with my hair and read our scriptures before bed even though i'm half dead and not retaining as much as I should...or anything at all...  He is such a wonderful husband and i'm so thankful for him!  Those dishes in the sink?  Ya, he has been doing them way more than he needs to and i'm so thankful that he doesn't mind those things...he does them because i'm under the weather and because he loves me and i'm so blesssed to have him.

Last week, superman (Josh) and I had a "4 month anniversary" date, we went to where our first date was, had an amazing dinner, then to top it all off, he took me to DI to look at everything...that's a great way to my heart :]  I found this sassy blue skirt and the black and white striped t-shirt and did some altering so I could wear them to church...I did!  And just to prove that clothes from DI aren't the plague, I even got a compliment or two!  See?  They aren't horrible :]  After the DI part of our date, we went home and watched Emma...and if you are friends with my on Facebook...this is where our TV explodes...anyways...I am so thankful for the wonderful person that Josh is and I couldn't be more blessed.

So what are you guys most thankful for in your lives?

Have a great day!

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