Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Enjoy Today, Don't be left Wishing

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In my work, I get the chance every day to get a peek into someone's life.  I usually ask the people who come into the office how their day is going and most of the time, they say "oh it's going great!"  But then there are times that someone will say "it could be going better."  A few days ago, a man came in and I asked my usual question, his face turned down, and he told me that these days, life was pretty predictable, and pretty lonely.  He continued to tell me that his wife died a few years ago at a young age and ever since, he has just been doing his best to be the best he could be.

After he left, his words stuck with me of how he wished he had had more time with his lovely wife.  How he wished.  I don't want to be left behind wishing.

This stage of life that Josh and I are in is a tough stage.  It is a frustrating stage.  It is a necessary stage.  But it is a wonderful stage.  It is easy to see others around us, who are buying houses, expanding their families, graduated from school, working their dream jobs.  Then, we start wishing that we were through this stage of our life.

I have realized that if we spend every day wishing things were different, we will never enjoy the moment of life that we are in now.  My dad has told me that I need to enjoy this time in life and be sure to soak it in.  Every bit of it.  If we can follow my dad's advice, we won't ever be left wishing.

This stage of our lives is beautiful when we can grow as just Megan and Josh.  We can grow closer as husband and wife.  We can get through school and study hard and work hard and take the time we need now to prepare ourselves for the rest of our lives.  I'm determined to stop wishing we were through this stage of our lives and learn to soak it in and love this story we are writing.  I challenge each of you to learn to love each stage of life that you are in right now, don't look back and then, we won't be left wishing things were different.  Soak in this moment.  Love this day just how it is. 

Don't be left wishing.
Love  today.



Chels said...

Love this meg, your so awesmome! End of story

Kimberly McIntier said...

Megan this was so touching! I have been thinking the same thing lately. I just need to enjoy this time now because once careers and kids come along I know I'll be wanting time alone. You and Josh are so cute together :)