Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Entertainment Center Makeover!

My dad is a very very creative guy!  He is always working on things and that is one thing that I knew I had to find in a husband just because I have always admired his hard work.  He is the architect behind this beautiful entertainment center:

Beautiful huh? He is so talented!  So I am trying to make our home bright, and clean, and fresh looking.  This was my first major step towards that!

So I grabbed my favorite spray paint, once again, Ivory Gloss Krylon.  I love that stuff!  Not too white, not too antiqued,  it is just perfect for me:]

So I primed it all then got to spraying that Ivory:]  Five and a half cans later, it was looking great!  So here is my favorite part:]  I taped off the back panels of the entertainment center, then measured and taped off 3" stripes across the back.

The I mixed up some light brown paint.  If you mix yours too, be sure that you mix up plenty!  Acrylic paint is pretty cheap and you won't want to mix up another batch after you do half of your stripes.  I mixed mine because I was picky- I wanted those puppies to be exactly how I envisioned them :]

Then get to painting every other stripe!  I did a couple coats, make sure to only let your stripes dry for 3-5 minutes then start taking the tape off.  If you wait too long, the paint may peel up in places with the tape.

Are you ready to see how it turned out?!

Bright, bold, clean, and fresh :]  Just how I like it :]
One of my favorite new additions to our living room is this pair of checked baskets:

They were on sale and we were looking for a couple to store our movies in:]  I love how the stripes and checks mix up our living room with a couple new patters. 

Now for the full effect!!

TADA!  I'm so happy with how it turned out!  Thank heavens for my wonderful husband who lets me decorate and change things whenever I feel like it:]  If you have any questions, put them in the comments and i'll answer any that you have, hopefully I explained everything alright!

Have a great day! 
Do something dramatic today, like stripes:]



JamieG said...

he's just used to his mom doing the same thing ;)

Burke & Chelle said...

Awe great job love the stripes!