Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fall Garland and Stenciled Pumpkins

 This Fall, I am all over book page decor!  I can't get enough of it!  I thought some fall garland would be an easy way to decorate for the coming cold.  All you will need for this project is a few pages from a book and a string of jute.

First, I cut out some book page leaves, 16 total.  I wanted 8 double-sided leaves so how ever many leaves you want on your garland, double that to make them double sided.

First, put a line of glue perpendicularly across the leaf where the stem would attach.  Lay down the string of jute across the hot glue.

Next, I just laid down some glue where the veins of the leaf would be.  I figured this would hold the front and the back together pretty well:]

As soon as all of your leaves have been glued together, hang that baby up!  Simple and festive:]  Just how I like it:]

For the stenciled pumpkins, I found these two at Michael's and they were HALF OFF.  Sweet! The white one was yellow to start out with but I thought white would definitely go better with silver, so I painted it white with some acrylic paint.

Then I used a foam stamp and black paint to add a design to them.  Because the pumpkins have dimples, I had to touch up the little valleys to connect one side of the stencil to the other.  If you use a small stamp, you might not need to do this step, but my stamp was pretty big so touch ups were necessary to keep these pumpkins from looking like cows!

 TADA!  I'm really happy with how these turned out!  They were, once again, a very simple craft!  Anyone can do this!

So what do you think? :]  Any questions?  Just leave them in the questions and I will answer any that you have!

Hope you all have a super day...I know I did today:]


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