Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New Vases!

A few weeks ago, Hydrangeas  were 50% off at Michael's...One of my favorite items on sale makes my day wonderful!  I wasn't sure where I would put them (but that is a rule of crafting, if you see something you love, especially when it is on sale, just grab it, or it will disappear and be gone forever and you will regret not getting it when you had the chance...just ask me about that fabulous sewing table I saw once at DI...)  Anyways, I grabbed the Hydrangeas and for the last few weeks they have just been bouncing around from place to place in my living room trying to find the right place.  Turns out the right place is on either side of our TV on top of our entertainment center (you can see that HERE ).  I knew that I wanted to make some sweet vases for my sweet flowers and this is what I came up with!

I grabbed 2 glass vases at DI for $0.75 each...AWESOME.  I also found some jute for $2.00 at DI so these 2 vases cost no more than $1.75!  Anyway, I started at the bottoms of each vase and glued the jute down every 2-4 inches.  This goes pretty quick!

So just keep wrapping...and wrapping...

Laying down strips of glue like this:

Originally, I was going to go all the way to the top of each vase with the jute, but then I got 3/4 of the way up and decided I liked the glass showing at the top, so I stopped there.

I love how they turned out!

Once again, a very cheap and easy craft that can totally spice up a boring vase.
If you have any questions, put them in the comments!

Have a GREAT day!

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Erin said...

I love hydrangeas too! I have them plastered all over my house!