Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Paper Bag Jack-O-Lanters!

Do you guys ever feel like you get stuck in a rut of things you do?
Meals you make?
Well I do all the time with my crafts.  This time I wanted to come up with something original.

First, I took four of these bad boys and spray painted about 2/3 of the way upto the top with the same paint I used in this post.

Then I came up with a few different faces I wanted on my Jack-O-Lanterns.  If you have kiddo's, this would be a great way to get them involved!  Let them decide what faces they want on their Jack-O-Lanters, they will love it.  So after you pencil them on, be sure to color in the spaces with a black marker.

Now, the fun part.  Glue some black beans onto the black spaces.  This will keep the light from shining through the entire pumpkin when the lights are out, and it will give the Jack-O-Lantern a little class.  Yes, I do mean class.

After you have completed the faces of your pumpkins, you will need to cut a small "door" in the back.  This will make it so you can take your lights in and out, but when they are lit up in the dark, the light won't escape out the back :]

Then, use a couple of these babies...

And put a couple inside each pumpkin.  Last, grab some ribbon, yarn, or colored jute and tie a bow at the top of each Jack-O-Lantern.

Then, ENJOY!
Now you have created a super simple craft that the kids can help out on, and you can enjoy all month!

Let me know how yours go!
Hope you guys have a fabulous day!


Randi Oswald said...

I love this idea Megan!!! So cute and yet so cheap!!! I will definitely be making this one!! Thanks for the idea!!!

lindsay said...

Ah these are adorable!!