Monday, October 24, 2011

Shelf FINALLY Done!!

Ok guys, this project has taken me forever to finish but I am so excited that it is finally done!
We had an empty wall in our living room and I didn't want to just fill it with picture frames and I thought a shelf would be a fun way to decorate!  So, here goes, a super simple shelf:

I have three boards, 4.5', 3', and 2'.  The longest shelf goes in our living room and the two shorter are for our dining room.  So remember how my dad is awesome with wood?  He is the cutting muscle behind this project!  THANK YOU DAD!

After he cut them and routered the edges, I grabbed my favorite stain: Minwax in Dark Walnut.  LOVE that stuff! 

And I stained the bottoms...

Then I got impatient and tipped them on the sides that would face the wall and stained the tops.

When the stain was dry, I finished them with Minwax's fast-drying polyurethane.
Yes, they were still balancing on their backs...patience is not my forte!

As they were drying, I put up the braces for the shelf.

I hung it and put up the decorations!
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Later this week, I will post the super simple tutorials for my fall book page garland, and the stencilled pumpkins!

Hope you all have a super day, if you have a blank space on your wall, fill it with a shelf!
Any questions?  Just post them in the comments and i'll answer them for you!


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