Wednesday, November 30, 2011

First Christmas Tree!

THIS IS OUR FIRST CHRISTMAS!  Last Christmas we were engaged, but this one will be extra special, our first as the Pettet's!
So, Monday night for FHE, we put up and decorated our tree:]
The theme was red and silver and white.  I LOVE it!

Sit back and enjoy some of our Christmas Decorations!

 I made this wreath last year (before the blog) but I will put up a tutorial's super simple!

I love Nutcrackers! This is our first, it's all white because we were married this year:]

A tutorial for these handsome trees HERE!

Our tree skirt:]

We are in the big shiny ornament;]

Our light up star:]

This MIGHT be my favorite Christmas decoration (tied with the tree and nutcracker!)  I found it at a local craft fair!  If you live in Idaho Falls and would love one for yourself, leave a comment and I'll get you her number!

I hope you all are getting ready for Christmas!

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