Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

This is the time of year to look back and be thankful.  I know, crafts have been sparse, but today is Thanksgiving, after today, we will craft!
Here are 50 things (in no particular order) that I am thankful for:

1.  Marrying Josh in the IF Temple. This means we are together forever!
2.  Our jobs.
3.  Surviving the last almost 7 months of marriage.
4.  Our families.
5.  Our home.
6.  Being able to got to school in IF.
7.  Our cars.
8.  Our wonderful ward that we are in.  I have never felt such immediate love in my whole life.
9.  The church we belong to.
10.  Our loving Heavenly Father who really does know and love us.  
11.  My crafting.
12.  The fact that I haven't ruined any meals since we have been married.
13.  My best friend Josh.  He cheers me up and will always stick with me.
14.  Our health.
15.  My sewing machine:]
16.  Everything that fills our home.
17.  Josh's mechanical talents.
18.  The scriptures that give us so much guidance every day of our lives.
19.  The fact that Heavenly Father points us in the right direction.  The direction we need, but don't  necessarily want.
20.  My colorful socks.
21.  The food in our fridge.
22.  A warm shower.
23.  My mom and how wonderful of an example she is.
24.  My sister Abi that makes me laugh every day, especially when I need it most.
25.  DI.  I'm obsessed.
26.  The nutcracker I found last night that I will unveil soon!
27.  My sunday school class.
28.  Our backyard with grass and trees.
29.  Josh's love for me.
30.  Snuggling for an extra five minutes before getting out of bed.
31.  Josh eating everything I cook for him.
32.  My sister Katelyn, her husband Doug, and their boys Krew and Brody who we love and miss so much clear in Buffalo NY.
33.  My sister Ashley who will be blessing us with our first niece in March.  
34.  Ashley's healthy pregnancy.
35.  My brothers Mitch and Jack and the fact that we have them in our family.
36.  Christmas.
37.  Josh's family and how much love they show for us.
38.  Rolo's.
39.  Plain popcorn.
40.  The fact that I can take classes online next semester.
41.  Our whole week free of school!
42.  Christmas lights.
43.  The Hunger Games movies!
44.  Turkey.
45.  All of you readers.  THANK YOU!
46.  Nights at home with Josh when we can just relax and spend time together:]
47.  Friends that are always there for you.  Friends you can rely on and who love you no matter what.
48.  Blogland that builds those friendships.
49.  Pinterest.
50.  Thanksgiving that helps us all realize how much we have.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Eat lots and laugh more:]


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