Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Little Piece of Our Weekend.

 This week, we put off groceries until the very last, Saturday night at 9pm last minute!  It didn't help that today was such a long day either...
So we were running around grabbing everything we were out of or needed and after about 20 minutes, we pushed our cart up to the checkout line.  Josh is always really really good about insisting that he put all the groceries up on the conveyer belt, but tonight, he was even more persistent.  So as he emptied the cart, I put the list in my purse, put my coat on, zipped it up, put in my rewards number...and then...I saw it flash up onto the screen...Egg Nog.  DIS-GUSTING.  I immediately looked at Josh with the: "ummm...did you put that in the cart?!" look...he gave me that grin he always gives me when he does something that I didn't know about...buying a new tool, doing something crazy to the jeep...I get that look occasionally and as soon as I saw his sneaky grin, I knew he had done the unthinkable.

He had put it in the cart.
He likes Egg Nog.

But, even though he will have terrible breath for the next 30 minutes until we go brush our teeth, I love that guy to death.
I am so thankful for how much he cares about me and loves me. This little fact is so trivial but it completely made my day to see his handsome grin:]
This little piece of life means so much to me and I am once again, thankful for this stage of life that we are in where we can make an emergency last minute grocery run whenever we need.

Last night was one of those nights where we stayed home, watched movies, and laughed with each other until our faces hurt from smiling.  I don't know what I would do without this crazy guy that loves me so much and that I can lean on for anything.  I picked a good one:]

Well, for the rest of our weekend, we will be relaxing and enjoying church tomorrow.  Man, aren't Sunday's the best?  For dinner tomorrow I am going to make an awesome dessert, I'll post the recipe Monday if it turns out ok:]
I hope you all have a wonderful daylight savings and enjoy the time with friends and family!


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