Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Our Haunted Day!

Our Halloween was spooky!  First off, Josh came home yesterday morning and I found this:

The doughnut tire on our beloved chariot!  AHHH!  Someone bewitched some construction staples to jump into our tire...

But thankfully, I married a mechanically inclined guy so by the time he got home, he had already put the spare on the car in the school parking lot, dropped the bad tire off to get patched and he had the tire off five minutes after he came home:

Poor car:[  But thanks to Josh, the car was ready to go by the time I had to take it to class.  Thank you Josh!

So after work and school, we went to our ward's trunk or treat.  My brothers wanted to be skunks for Halloween:]  All due to their new black lab puppy accidentally getting a white stripe on his back:]  So, my crafty mom put their costumes together just by buying black sweats and caps, and safety pinning feather boas down their backs:]  They looked fabulous!  Awesome job mom!

Those hams:]

Then, for dinner, we had mummy dogs!  Ha I am definitely a holiday person! 

I mean, look how innocent they look:]  As we were eating the mummies and frog liver (baked beans...), Josh looked at me and said, "Meg, you are gonna be a really fun mom!"  Well thank you Josh, just give me a few years before the "mom" part, and i'll just be fun for now!

After dinner, we were just in time to get all ready for trick or treaters to drop by while watching Dancing With the Stars!  Because we are fabulous multi-taskers, we carved our pumpkin while all of this was going on.  It turns out, Josh is the  BEST at cleaning out pumpkin guts...hands down.  He basically removes the quarter inch of pumpkin below the slime as well as all the guts!  Once again, thanks honey:]

Husband :]


And both of us, using the timer on the camera!

This Halloween was very memorable and I am so thankful for the family we have!
Hope you all had a fabulous night last night!


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Lori said...

haha LOVE all of your pictures! that skunk costume is so cute and i adore those mummy dogs! you are so very creative :)