Monday, November 28, 2011

Weekend Recap...

Last week, without school, Josh and I celebrated.  Our week off was much needed with our crazy school and work schedules.  So, Tuesday night, before the Dancing With the Stars finale, we went to Outback.  Josh has been dying to try the bloomin' onion, it was wonderful!

It has been forever since we went on a date, this one was wonderful!
Then, Wednesday night, I needed to run to the store to grab a few last minute items for Thanksgiving and Josh couldn't resist this:

Yep, it's so easy to tell when he has a sweet tooth!
Thanksgiving day was wonderful.  Once again, because of the crazy school and work schedules, it was nice to have a day off to relax and take a nap.  Heaven!  We went to my parent's and had a blast!

Then, 4:30am on Black Friday:

Me, Ash, and Abi my awesome sisters!  We had so much fun with my mom!  She was parking the car when we took this, but I figured she wouldn't mind if we posted a nasty, early morning picture without her.  We had so much fun!  Found some great deals and didn't wait in a single line!

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!
Check back tomorrow for a yummy holiday treat!


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