Monday, December 12, 2011

Excuse my Absence...

But we have had some exciting news we have been dying to share!

My sister Katelyn and our nephews Krew and Brody flew home from New York last Friday for Christmas!  My brother-in-law Doug will join us this weekend!  We are so excited that we got to meet our new nephew Brody and that they could be home at this special time of year!  I haven't said anything before now because they wanted to surprise Doug's family, and they did!  So now, I can gush about the nephews:]

My parents drove to Salt Lake to pick them up from the airport and while they were gone, Josh and I hung out with the boys and made a "welcome home" sign.

 I think at first, Krew was a little confused about all the familiar things from grandma and grandpa's house, but as soon as he found the toy closet again, he was right at home!

(ok, the hand in the picture above is a Halloween decoration, we are not cannibals...)
So, needless to say, it has been a very exciting weekend, and this is why I have been a terrible blogger.

Stop by tomorrow for a new Christmas Decoration!
(One final down, two to go:])

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