Thursday, December 8, 2011

Our Stockings

Our first Christmas together (married) is making me more excited than normal for the holiday!
This is the year that we get to start our family traditions and decorate our own home.
This means I get to make our stockings too! 

Here is how I did it:
First, I made a pattern and cut it out.

Be sure to label what part of the stocking each piece of the pattern is, and how many of each piece needs cut out.

For the stocking liner, I used red felt that I had laying around, a think cotton would also do just fine.

To make it easy to add on stockings when the little ones come, I made Josh's stocking green and mine red, pretty much no rhyme or reason, the girls' stockings will be red and the boys' green.

So I cut out the outsides of the stockings too...

I wanted the cuffs to be white, but I walked by some fat quarters with a white design on a white background with a sheen, I thought they would be perfect to give some uniform but still add some interest.

After all the pieces were all cut out, I laid out all the pieces how they needed to be sewn together.

Then, sew the undercuffs onto the outsides of the stockings with the right sides together.  Put the tops of the stockings together and sew them also with the right sides together.

After this step, each stocking should just be in two pieces.  Put the right sides of the stockings together and sew along all edges but leave about five inches open.  Use this opening to put the stocking right side out and then stitch the opening up.

Hang those puppies up and they are done!
The tutorial for the stocking hangers will be posted tomorrow so check back then!
It is super simple, but the "how to" will be up tomorrow.

Hope you all have a great Thursday!

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