Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Saint Nick:]

Around here, I want to stress the true meaning of Christmas.
But sometimes, it's nice to have the whimsical, magical, side of Christmas.

That is why I painted this:

He's so jolly isn't he?!

It was so simple!  I first got the idea from HERE, and have been putting it off, thinking it would be difficult...but after my toughest final yesterday, I decided to knock it out.  Painting is therapeutic and lately, that is exactly what I need:]

First, I found some old matting board that has been untouched for WAY too long and got to drawing...

Then, I simply painted in all the shapes that needed to be red.

 He looks so happy up there! 
I felt like the gold trees didn't "fit" up here, so I relocated those guys and set Santa up on the shelf.
Our final holiday shelf decor:

He looks great up there:]
And here is the best part, for $12, you could have a customized version of him!
If you are interested, email me at: meganpettet@gmail.com
Now that finals are winding down, I am craving crafts!

I hope you all have a wonderful day!


Burke & Chelle said...

You are seriously so talented!

Megan @ Meg's Craft Creations said...

ha...I don't know about that, take a look around YOUR HOUSE! I have heard the rumors:] Hope all is well with you 2.5:]

The Pettet Family! said...

That's so cute! it looks like a paint by number but you drew that! Oh just a little talent!!!