Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sweater Mittens!

So, I go to DI and I try to find things that I can make work, things I can fix so they are fabulous.
A while ago I found this sweater vest and I was sure I could slim up the midsection and make it awesome, but as soon as I took in the sides, I could tell it was a goner.
Then it hung out in my closet for a few weeks, until I got this great idea:

First, I traced my hand and left about half an inch extra on all sides, then cut that pattern out.
Trace this on your sweater and cut those puppies out:

Then put the right sides together, and stitch along all the sides, except across the wrist!

Then flip them right side out and put them on!

Now I know what I can do with some of the other sweaters in my closet!  This is definitely a win-win craft, cleaner close, warmer fingers!
If you guys have any questions, put them in the comments!
Hope you all have a super day!

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The Pettet Family! said...

They are so cute! Where do you come up with these ideas?? Well done...