Friday, January 20, 2012

Change Around the House...

If there is one thing that Josh hates, it is change.  If there is one thing that I hate, it is committing to start painting rooms.  This was like pulling teeth for the both of us, but it needed to get done!
I have mentioned that I repainted some rooms in our house, the first of which is the dining room: 

Three of the walls used to be a sea foam greenish grayish was awful. 

So we repainted the entire room so now everything matches, we were able to fill in some wall scars, and it is overall, a much happier room!

This is one of my favorite places in our house:

Yep, that's right, the shelf in our living room!
After all of the Christmas decorations came down, I needed to fill the space with happy things.  My mom gave me some beautiful porcelain birds for Christmas, and now, they are perched on top of our shelf. Nice and symmetrical...just how I like it... :]

I also repainted our bedroom and bathroom.  The previous paint was almost 16 years old, it needed an update!  But, sadly, our room isn't "done" yet, so you will only get a hint of what it looks like.  This was taken from the bottom of our stairs, looking up to our bedroom.

I am loving the nice new paint jobs!
One more thing that is new in our home:

Yep...Nutella!  I love it!  Josh doesn't care for it much so that leaves the whole bottle to me! (maybe that will come back and bite me!) It is my guilty pleasure...and I don't mind that at all!

I hope whatever changes are going on in your home are just as good, productive, and tasty as ours!
Happy weekend!
Wish us luck at our search for a rocking chair!


lindsay said...

Oooo pretty! I love that shelf and those birds are beautiful!!

And Nutella! It's my weakness! Ryan doesn't like it either...more for me. Its good with bananas and strawberries. And my friend made frosting with it too!!!

Megan @ Meg's Craft Creations said...

Oh my heavens what is it with the husbands!? Josh always says it tastes just like chocolate, and he would rather have chocolate syrup...completely different! Hazelnuts are much better for you;] Oh man why didn't I think of trying it with bananas and strawberries? How was the frosting?? Thanks for the tips;]

hailey said...

Oh my gosh Megan your house is SO cute.. I'm going to definitely need your amazing skills in a couple months :)

Megan@ Meg's Craft Creations said...

Hailey!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog! It's so good to see and hear how you guys are doing! How many days is it?;] I would love to help any way I can! Love you guys!