Wednesday, January 25, 2012

For about a year and a half, I have been growing my hair out.  No change, just growth and lately, I have been so sick of it!  I needed to spice things up somewhere...

I'm not one to lighten my hair, I have done it a couple times in the past, but never liked it well enough that it stuck.  I know, just plain old brown hair.  So when I mentioned to one of the sweetest girls on the planet, Serenity (who is currently going to hair school), that I have been secretly falling in love with ombre hair, she told me to dive in, and just DO IT!  Here are a few before pictures taken by my awesome sister Abi...she is the greatest!

She is a doll and I wouldn't trade her for the world.  Love that girl.  Anyways!  So I made the appointment.  As it got closer and closer, I started to feel a pit growing in my stomach...I was so nervous.  I was terrified that lightening my hair would ruin it, that it would go way way way too light and I would hate it, or that I would regret it afterward.
I got to the salon and as soon as she sat me down in front of a mirror, I noticed that my chest and neck were all red and splotchy.  (If you have known me since high school, you might know that before a big game, or competition, that when I am nervous, this disease strikes...and it's awkwardly embarrassing...)  This hasn't happened since high school...that is how nervous I was!

So, with some encouragement, they got to bleaching and I looked somewhat like I had some aswesome dread locks.  It was sweet!  Then they rinsed and finished up the color and here is how it turned out:


It wasn't too light, my hair wasn't fried, and I don't regret it one bit!  She did an amazing job and did exactly what I wanted!  Thank you Serenity!

And, Josh loves it too!  (Don't our matching stripes and eyes rock?) It has been years since I did anything but plain brown so even just a little gradual lightening was a huge step for me!
I would recommend going to Serenity in a heartbeat! 

Hope you all have a great day, let me know if you would like her number for an appointment;]

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lindsay said...

Aw I love it. You look beautiful and I love that sweater!