Thursday, January 19, 2012

Frame Collage

Our bedroom has been stuck in a rut or almost seven ever since we moved in.  It is crazy how that is the last room to get decorated and personalized when it should be one of the first!  Well, that is all coming to a sweet ending:]
Looking up our stairs, we used to have our bookshelf right as you walked into our room, it wasn't the most attractive thing to look at all the time.  So, with the help of my strong husband, we finally moved the bookshelf across the room.  This left a blank space at the top of our stairs that we could see through our bedroom door and this drove me ever more crazy, until I decided what to do with it!
In come the hoards of picture frames I have just lying around.

I found eight frames, and painted them either mustard yellow, or white.
Then, after about a million arrangements, I finally came up with one:

After I decided on their placements, I flipped them over (that is why they look so raggy...) on top of some tissue paper that had been taped together.  Then, mark on the tissue paper where the nails should go in the wall.

Then, tape the whole sha-bang up on the wall! Take the time to situate the tissue paper exactly where you want it, there is no going back after this!

Pretty big empty space huh?

Now that the paper is up and all of your marks have been made, take the plunge and put the nails in.
It took a few minutes of Josh's coaxing to start...the walls were still fresh and clean from the new paint and it just about killed me to put some nails in the wall, but now, I am so glad I did!

 After eight of them, down came the tissue paper, and up went the frames!

Now, just imagine a rocking chair and side table under the collage...perfect right?  I can't wait until that hunt is over and our room is back together!
I loved using the tissue paper!  If I had to do it all over again, I really do think that was the easiest way to get the spacing just right.  With the tissue paper, you can measure, measure again, and get everything perfect before even touching a nail!  So smart.
If you have any questions, put them in the comments!

Hope you have a great day!  It's good to be back!

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Anonymous said...

What kind of paint did you use?