Thursday, February 2, 2012

Envelope Pillow Covers (Part 2)

Remember the envelope pillows I made HERE?  That was one way to spice up pillow covers and this is the second way I used to improve some old, sad, pillows.

First, I made the pillow covers, (instructions are at the above link).
Then, for the first cover, I taped off with painter's tape a square section on the front of the cover.
Next, I taped off an "X" in the middle of that section using 3/4" tape, then two more "X's" on the inside of that using 1/4" tape.

Then, I wanted a pinwheel look to this pillow so I painted every other triangle white...

Then the rest blue.
*Peel the tape off the pillow cover while the paint is still relatively wet.*

The two remaining pillow covers I wanted to paint with a chevron pattern.
First, I got some card stock and drew a zig-zag line.

To create the other side of the chevron, I just took each point and measured 1 1/2" down the paper and drew another point.  After that, I simply connected all the points with a ruler, cut the pattern out, and vwala, had a complete chevron!

Then, I taped off the edges of the pillow covers and marked every 1 1/2" so I would have a guide as to where the chevron pattern needed to be.

Then traced the chevron and painted in the pattern with white paint.

Man, I LOVE those guys!  This was a wonderful update for some out-of-date pillows!
I gotta be honest, I was very skeptical with how the chevrons would turn out, but they were a breeze!  Just slightly time consuming, but very worth it!

Any questions?  Just put them in the comments and i'll do my best to answer!
Have a wonderful day!

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lindsay said...

I love them!! The chevron one is my favorite!!!