Monday, April 30, 2012

15 Weeks!

How far along?: 15 Weeks!  Baby Pettet is the size of an ORANGE!
Weight gain/loss: Down one pound at my last appointment.
Symptoms: Cravings, achy tailbone, expanding waistline... :)
Maternity clothes?:  Maternity leggings, and a tummy sleeve are the only things I'm wearing so far
How is the sleep?:  Pretty good, I wake up for frequent trips to the bathroom, and some nasty nightmares...I thought I was giving myself a heart attack when I woke up a few times!
Best moment this week?: Feeling more movement, hearing the babe's heartbeat!
Told family and friends?: Yes :)
Miss anything?:  Doing my pants up
Any movement?: Definitely more "bumps!"
Cravings?: Pineapple, strawberries, Lucy's Pizza!
Anything make you queasy or sick?:  Empty stomach...weird smells
Have you started to show yet?:  Getting bigger for sure...
Gender prediction:  I go back and forth, but usually I'm thinking girl...who knows?!
Any labor signs?: Nada
Belly button in or out?:  Still in but getting shallow!
Any "pregnancy" moments?: Going to the grocery store to find a body pillow and leaving with a body pillow, pillowcase, a couple Sobe's, and some powdered doughnuts...the doctor is going to kill me, but baby seems to be happy!  I promise that is the only sugar splurge this week!
Looking forward to:  Being able to distinguish movements as "arm, elbow, leg," finding out the gender, working more on the nursery!

I promise there will be more crafty posts...I have been exhausted!  We have big plans though so stay tuned!
Have a fabulous Monday ;)

Monday, April 23, 2012

14 Weeks!

How far along?: 14 weeks! He/She is the size of a LEMON!
Weight gain/loss:  At my last appointment, I had lost one pound, I have probably put it back on by now!
Symptoms:  Headaches, a couple bouts of nausea, achy tailbone
Maternity clothes?:  maternity leggings are so comfortable!  My tummy sleeve was back-ordered and out of desperation, Josh and I went and hunted one down at 9pm...(thanks sweetie!) on a Friday night...poor guy!  But my swimsuit came and I found a couple tops on sale...not that I need to wear them...
How is the sleep?:  I think my bladder is shrinking, I wake up multiple times a night to use the restroom and then can't fall back asleep, but it's all worth it!
Best moment this week?:  Going book shopping for the little bean at a used bookstore.  As I was looking through some books, it hit me that I am going to have a little one to read books to!  We found some great finds, I will share them later ;)
Told family and friends?:  Yes! Finally ;)
Miss anything?:  Being comfortable in my clothes...I feel like I am so awkward now with how I dress...I have never walked around with my pants undone before...which is a good thing! 
Any movement?:  Possibly??  For the last few days, I have felt little flutters and "bumps" a few times a day.  It definitely isn't digestion, but I still can't be sure...
Cravings?:  Lasagna, oatmeal cream pies, and pineapple!  Delish.  I think I could eat a whole pineapple right now just thinking about it...
Anything make you queasy or sick?:  Empty stomach is my worst enemy...
Have you started to show yet?: Just looking chubby
Gender prediction:  I am leaning towards girl, but we will be over the moon for either!
Any labor signs?:  Nope:)
Belly button in or out?:  In, but still looks really weird!
Any "pregnancy" moments?:  Haha oh boy, I was at my parent's house the other day just hanging out while Josh was working on his dad's jeep.  All of a sudden I started feeling really hot and sick so I decided to run home to take a nap.  My mom offered me a bag or a bucket in case I needed to throw up, I turned them down.  Not a mile away from their house,  I knew I wasn't going to make it home so I pulled off onto a side street, flung open the car door, ran around into the weeds and let my gag reflex win.  Then I went home and ate.  I guess I was just hungry!
Looking forward to: Feeling more movement? Finding out the gender, working on the nursery, THE SECOND TRIMESTER!

I also started Prenatal Yoga and LOVE IT!  Who knew it would be so much fun?  It is sooo relaxing, Josh will even sit around while I do it because it relaxes him just by watching!  I really loosens me up and makes my tailbone stop aching, I could just slip down the drain afterward!  I would highly recommend it to all!

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!  

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Painting the Nursery!

I am so excited for this little one!  I couldn't resist painting already!
I got this idea from Pinterest and Josh's cousin did something similar.  I want to keep the nursery light and welcoming, and to do this, I had to make this red wall white.  The other three walls are gray-perfect-but the red didn't fit my plans.


So to start off, I drew up a plan for all the stripes (E=eggshell and G=gloss).
We just went to Lowe's and they were able to help us out to decide on the sheens of paint.
I used all one color, half of the stripes were eggshell, and the other half were gloss.

But that red needed primed!
This is after one coat of primer.  Ultimately, I did two coats.

After the primer, I painted to whole wall with the gloss finish.

Then let everything dry.  As soon as it dried up (and as soon as I couldn't be patient anymore), I taped off where the stripes of eggshell finish would be.  The little bits of tape reminded me which stripes stayed glossy.

After all of the eggshell stripes were painted, I peeled the tape off, starting with the stripes I painted first.  This gave them just enough time that it wouldn't be messy, but if you leave the tape on until the stripes are dry, you run the risk of peeling up the edges of the newly painted stripes.

*The weird angles are to show the different sheens*

I am sooo happy with how this turned out!  Just subtle enough to not be chaotic, but it adds interest that I love!

 And my next project after painting the wall:

I am so excited to be slowly but surely getting the nursery put together!  My plan is to have most of the gender neutral elements in place by the time we find out if the babe is a he or she.  That gives us about five weeks!  That way, we can do all the fun color splashes and finish up the odds and ends in time for the birthday!  

I am so thankful that we have the resources to bring our little one into a loving, safe, and warm home.
Who knew that parents would worry about that?  Something I have never felt in my life, but a sure sign my maternal instincts are developing!

So does anybody have any good suggestions of what else we can be collecting/preparing now?  Help me out all you mom's!

I hope you all have a fabulous end of the week!  I will be back later to show you some other ideas I have stewing for the nursery:]


Monday, April 16, 2012

My Latest Project...

Ok, yes, I COMPLETELY missed the month of March. NO POSTS.  I can explain:

Pretty good reason to miss the WHOLE month of March right?
My heart is beating out of my chest just typing this, we feel so incredibly blessed to be given such a sweet gift!

Our little bean is due October 23, 2012 and we couldn't be more excited!

The end of February, the whole month of March, and thus far into April have been a challenge trying to keep things in my stomach, but with the love and support of my parents, my sweet sister Abi (for letting me rest when she comes in to work) and my wonderful husband (for doing dishes, cleaning, and satisfying my crazy cravings), we are surviving!  
***DISCLAIMER: I didn't get NEARLY as sick as my older sisters did, I feel so blessed that way.  I have no room to complain from seeing how bad it was for them.***

I think I am on the uphill climb now, but the last 7 weeks, I have been in and out of the bathroom tending to my morning most-of-the-day sickness and in and out of the fridge tending to some wicked cravings.  You always hear about pregnancy cravings, but I don't think there is any way to describe them until you have been there, done that.  I always thought it was an excuse to eat whatever you want, but no!  They are real.  I believe now!

I found a fun way to keep myself, and you all (because you are dying to hear I am sure;]) updated with this pregnancy from THIS FABULOUS BLOG so I can look back and remember this exciting journey:]

This Far in Pregnancy:

How far along?: 13 weeks
Weight gain/loss:  Lost one pound in the last four weeks.  I can work on that ;) BRING ON THE CRAVINGS!
Symptoms:  Other than being sick and cravings (have I mentioned that yet?), a few headaches and a sore back, wanting to fall asleep by 2pm, and I can smell EVERYTHING!  If you know me, you would know that my nose is not the best at functioning, but boy has that changed!  (As much as I sound like I am complaining, I am so thankful for these symptoms!)
Maternity clothes?:  Since 6 weeks, I haven't been able to button my pants, now the rubber band isn't even cutting it.  I finally ordered a tummy sleeve and swimsuit so I will be ready for the summer!
How is the sleep?:  Pretty good, I have had a few nights that I wake up and cannot for the life of me fall back asleep...Now if I could take naps in the afternoons, I know I would sleep good then!
Best moment this far?:  Getting to see the little bean on ultrasound!  It kept wiggling around and stretching.  Melt. My. Heart.  How is it possible to love it so much already?
Told family and friends?:  My parents found out on their own at 10 weeks just shy of when we planned on telling them.  They have the "Grandparent" instinct tuned to a T.  My mom asked me about it and I couldn't keep it in :)  Then we mailed off pictures (it is below) to our families and a couple close friends.  SO glad we were able to do this!  Our plans went perfectly and the element of surprise was definitely there!
Miss anything?:  Spray paint. Being able to fit into my pants like a normal person... oh and sushi...but that is pretty much it!  I am so thankful for this new life even though I have to make some sacrifices, it is so worth it!
Any movement?:  Nothing yet, just my imagination!
Cravings?:  Holy Toledo...watermelon, fish sticks (?!?!?), cheap Hostess brownies, Doritos...I don't know how I managed to lose a pound...gummy bears...cinnamon least all of these are stretched out over 13 weeks right?  My list better be shorter next week...
Anything make you queasy or sick?:  Weird smells, taking out my retainers (yes, I still wear them...lucky Josh...) in the mornings, empty stomach.  Taking my prenatal vitamins...they smell so weird!  It's probably just me!
Have you started to show yet?:  I just look like I ate a lot...
Gender prediction:  I had a haunch it was a boy until we saw in on the ultrasound, then I thought maybe girl?  My mom and dad think it's a girl, they have that amazing grandparent instinct so I am skeptical they are right, but either way, we will be thrilled! Pros with each:)
Any labor signs?:  Heavens no...
Belly button in or out?:  In, although it looks really weird...more shallow maybe?
Any "pregnancy" moments?:  A few weeks ago, Josh came home from work and found me on the couch crying like a baby.  He said "Meg, what's wrong?" with the saddest look on his face.  All I could say through the tears was: "I just want a brownie!"  He jumped up and said "don't worry!  I will go get one!" and ran out the door.  Ten minutes later, he was back with a brownie:) Man, I love that guy:)  He has been so good to me!
Looking forward to:  Cooking again, feeling the babe move, finding out the gender!  NOT HAVING TO KEEP THE SECRET ANYMORE!

That was a mouthful!  I promise I will make it shorter!  Just had to catch up for the last 13 weeks:)
Now for more pictures...

 This is the picture we mailed off to our families:)  I am so glad we were able to plan and carry out a clever way to get the news out!  We knew that if we said "ok, we need to come over and talk to the family," it wouldn't be nearly as surprising, and they would become suspicious:)  Plus, who doesn't love getting mail?

This is me, a day shy of 13 weeks...I look like I am half asleep just standing there!
The bump has lovingly been dubbed "the cupcake," as in, I look like I ate 30.  Josh is so good at taking pictures:)  Thanks honey!

Well, sorry that was soooo long, I don't want to forget anything!
I am so glad I can finally share this exciting time with all of you!

I DO have crafts to show you!!!  Just not today, I am about ready to fall asleep after one post!
I hope you all have a wonderful day!  It feels so good to be back to blogging!

Love, Meg